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admin | October 5, 2020

The climate of Kochi and most tropical regions is ideal for mosquitoes to grow. However, with the high humidity in and around Kochi, the atmosphere becomes more fertile for them to breed, which can increase the diseases spread by them rapidly.

With their rising index rate can undoubtedly trigger many communicable diseases, it’s very important for us to know how to manage mosquitoes in houses and apartments in Kochi. Let’s have a look at some ways through which we can actively tackle this serious issue and sustain our living spaces as healthy and clean.

1. Seal the opening

Not just the mosquito troubles, but also many bug and insect issues can be solved by sealing the gaps in your home openings (Doors, windows, air holes), which can easily cause them to enter your home.

In order to seal these openings, you can install door sweeps, weather stripping, mosquito nets, and curtains which will also allow you to open your windows and stay inside without having to be disturbed by mosquitoes and other insects.

These additional fittings are only required for the windows that you open often and they can also be removed if you decide to relocate. Furthermore, they can also help cut down on your energy bills.


2. Natural solutions

Once you have sealed your doors and windows, the next preventive measure you can make use of to ensure the safety of your family members is to use some natural indoor mosquito solutions.

Some of the most used, safe natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes are Ultrasonic Bug/Pest repeller, Camphor oil, Tulsi, Dry Ice, Garlic, Mosquito traps, Basil, Tea Tree Oil, Coffee Grounds, Mosquito repellent plants, etc.

Used in the right manner following the necessary instructions, these solutions have proven to effectively prevent mosquitoes from entering your homes and making sure your homes stay hygienic.


3. Mosquito Trap or zappers

Mosquito traps and zappers are popular for outdoor use, but people also use it indoors. If mosquitoes are frequent visitors to your home, this could be an effective method to keep them away at any cost.

Started to be used from the early 80s and 90s, mosquito traps and zappers have come a long way from their huge, loud, bright variants are comparatively smaller, quieter, and much easier to maintain.

Built to provide long hours of protection, if you have the essential skillsets and tools, you can build your own mosquito trap with minimal materials such as plastic bottles, water, yeast, and brown sugar.


4. Remove standing water

Having mosquito problems indoors, you are already in the midway of a crisis, but if you are really looking for a long term solution for the mosquito problem, the most effective thing you can do is to break their lifecycle.

This means that you need to get rid of any potential breeding grounds around your house- primarily the standing water in puddles, potholes, old tires, buckets, flower pots, etc and ensure that the water landscape has fresh moving water within them.

Being one of the easiest precautions to take regarding mosquito trouble, leaving no room for mosquito growth and breeding outside will ensure in making your indoors mosquito-free and hygienic.


5. Spray Repellents

Spray repellents are the last resort in getting rid of mosquitos and should be relied on if the above-mentioned methods aren’t applicable or effective for your home. Although there are plenty of options when it comes to mosquito sprays, it’s also most important to know the ingredients that actually work against mosquitos.

Spray repellents and insecticides can be sprayed directly to kill mosquitoes and also treat the areas of their frequent rest. While these products would work immediately, depending on the intensity of your mosquito trouble you may be required to reapply them as well.

While using such sprays, insecticides, and chemicals, always make sure to follow the recommended instructions and safety. You can also consider utilizing various pest control services provided by professional agents for a seamless cleaning process.

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