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admin | June 14, 2021

Lighting is one of the key elements in interior design and creating a welcoming and positive environment enhances the aesthetic value of the space, it’s the factor that helps in making the house feel like a home.

Holding the absolute aspects integral to a good interior design, a very well set-up lighting condition influences the space perception, ambiance, mood of the people and is also known as having a direct impact on the efficiency aspect of a space.

With lighting being something beyond just a part of home decor, finding the right interior lighting design should depend on the purpose of a room, and let’s have a look at 6 room-by-room lighting tips that are really important to optimize your home’s lighting.

1. Lighting guide for Living Room

Being a space to receive guests and also spent time with the family along with various activities such as having a conversation, watching TV, reading, playing games, etc, the living room lighting should primarily have welcoming characteristics.

Generally being a space where people spend a lot of time, instead of recessed downlights use lights that bounce off the ceiling for ambient illumination which can create a sense of glaze in the room avoiding the shadows or downward direction of recessed lights.

Various lighting types such as “washing the walls with light”, task lighting with table lamps, accent lighting, and architectural lighting are some other methods to provide ambient lighting in a living room.


2. Bedroom lighting tips

With the primary need to make the inhabitants feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful, the bedroom lighting should be carefully thought of, as one bad choice can spoil your sleep and calm. Using LEDs or bulbs having a warmer color temperature (2,200K-2,700K) helps in setting a cozy and relaxing atmosphere and avoid cooler/daylight color temperatures that can make it harder to fall asleep.

Bedside reading and closet lighting are two other areas to consider while planning your bedroom lighting. Ambient lighting using floor lamps, architectural lighting, and wall-mounted fixtures are other add ons to consider.


3. Lighting tips for Kitchen

Being the heart of a home, the kitchen needs special focus and consideration while lighting up and there are various modes and styles by which we can create a nice ambiance to prepare that awesome food.

Essentially being a workspace, task lighting and ambient lighting are the most commonly used lighting styles in a kitchen, which are placed giving importance to illuminate the counter space where we work or prepare food. Bringing in the natural light and blending it with the design is also a common practice. Ceiling mounted or recessed fixture lighting, undercabinet lights and overhead lighting are also some other styles of kitchen lighting methods.


4. lighting guide for Bathroom

With its significance on personal grooming and hygiene, lighting up a bathroom is important and spots need to be carefully chosen for placing the lights. Ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted fixtures are two common methods of bathroom lighting and one should always be careful not to cast a shadow on the person standing in front of the mirror.

An overhead ambient light to illuminate the bathroom and mounting lights on either side of the mirror could create a clear reflection in the mirror. Sensor-activated lighting of the cabinets would also be a practical and convenient option.


5. Dining Room lighting tips

As the primary focus of the dining room is the table, ambient lighting, and task lighting through fixtures directly mounted above the table will provide the best illumination for a dining room. Small lighting fixtures that give significance to the wall, which has a decorative painting or art pieces can add to the decor of the dining room.

A chandelier above the table and cove lighting styles on two opposite walls are some expensive upgrades to consider. Using dimmers and lighting outdoors (in case of having french doors) are also simple-yet-cool lighting solutions.


6. Entries, Hallways & Stairs

Although not belonging to the designated areas of a home, the entry points, hallways, and stairs of a home also needs to be taken care of while setting up the lights, and a basic, yet detailed lighting can do wonders to home decor.

These areas are most commonly lightened up using ambient lighting fixtures (ceiling/wall) and accent lighting (in case of display of artworks). A chandelier with lighting controls both at the bottom and top of the stairs can make the staircase area look stunning.

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