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admin | June 16, 2021

Due to the practical convenience, it offers, as well as the sophisticated appeal, modular kitchens are the current trend in urban home designs. The space constraints within the living spaces in the cities also lead to reducing a considerable amount of space from the kitchen.

But making a small kitchen look bigger is a lot easier than you might have thought of. With some smart organizational techniques and storage hacks, space optimization can be effectively carried out in these modern kitchens and make them look bigger than they are. Let’s have a look at the 7 most effective hacks to make a small kitchen look bigger.

1. Changing colors

The most cost-effective and easiest upgrade you can give to your kitchen in order to make space feel bigger is changing the color. Apart from being the trend, white painted kitchens reflect the light and give an impression of much more open space, and is the perfect choice of color for any kitchen upgrade.

Including white color on cabinets, countertops, walls, and the ceiling without edges or boundaries contribute to enhancing the sense of space and you can complement the look with some delicate green indoor plants or small pieces of decor. Yellow and pale green shades can be used for adding touches to a white kitchen.


2. Lighten it up

Be it natural or artificial, light has always been known to enlarge any space and is another basic element that can be incorporated into your kitchen upgrade. Opening up the windows and letting the natural light come in can give you the most budget-friendly kitchen hacks to make a small kitchen look bigger

If you have no choice about the number or position of windows in your kitchen, you can resort to adding light beams which can do a lot more. Various lighting modes such as task lighting and spotlighting can also add some style statement along with brightening up the workspace.


3. Add mirrors

Mirrors are well-known to make a room feel more spacious than it actually is and it’s pretty common that most people only place them in bedrooms or bathrooms and don’t bother to bring them to the kitchen.

A large mirror covering the wall can extremely look striking and gain attraction, especially when it’s reflecting back a wall, table, or the stylized kitchen workspace. Mirrored splash cards, cabin doors, or cupboards can also be used to create such illusions in the kitchen.


4. Add geometric patterns

Geometric patterns have always been a trend in art and interior design and they are ideal for a small kitchen as these patterns can be relied on for creating the illusion of more space, and also keeping it stylish. As over usage of the patterns can feel too much, always remember to keep the minimal.

Urban kitchen tiles or a geometric floor runner can draw the eye vertically or lengthways and help in creating the impression of a longer, taller kitchen. If changing the kitchen tiles isn’t affordable, you also consider adding removable wallpaper that can bring a designer touch to your kitchen walls.


5. Glass cabinets

Even though sturdy and durable, conventional solid cabinets can make small spaces look really cluttered, and therefore one of the first things to do while getting a kitchen upgrade is to get rid of them. Choosing glass cabinets instead can provide an illusion of depth and make the kitchen look bigger and also offer an easy sneak peek at the contents inside.

Instead of replacing the conventional cabinets fully, and replacing just the solid doors with glass can also be an alternative to make your small kitchen appear big, giving some depth to the cabinets.


6. Use slim furniture

Using slim furniture is another hacks to make a small kitchen look bigger. As the accessories being placed in the kitchen has a huge role in contributing to the overall look and feel of the space, choose furniture pieces that have small footprints or are slim. Heavy pieces of furniture with thick outlines and large structures would take up a lot of space and consequently make the kitchen look smaller.

Streamlined chairs or tall stools with their sleek design and structure can give a compact feel to the kitchen and contribute to the space looking bigger. A wall-mounted table-chair set is another alternative that also has the advantage of only being taken out when in need and hence can save a lot of space.


7. Clear away the clutter

Going minimal always works in favor of creating the illusion of more space in your kitchen and therefore always make sure to avoid unnecessary clutter and keep the look and feel open.

If you leave the stuff disorganized and scattered in the kitchen, the space will look cramped and small so take efforts in leaving the surfaces clean and putting each and every item in the designated storage space after its use. Having designated space for each and every accessory and tool used in a kitchen can therefore make things easy and organized.

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