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Post Covid features in apartments for work-life balance

admin | May 30, 2023
Post Covid features in apartments for work-life balance<

Post Covid features in apartments for work-life balance

Post covid, the global real estate industry has undergone a drastic transformation in establishing new standards and requirements with regard to addressing the health, wellness, and work-life balance of new-age homebuyers.

Along with sustainable, well-designed living spaces, modern homebuyers are nowadays actively looking for a home that fulfills their multiple needs concerning individual/family life, work, and health.

In this background, Veegaland Homes one of the top builders in Kerala has prepared this blog to explain some of the Post covid features in apartments for work-life balance:


  • Hybrid living concept

With the increasing trend of remote work, modern apartments with multifunctional designs that can literally dissolve the line between home and work and offer the perfect work-life balance are one of the newly popular home design concepts or features preferred by new-age homebuyers.

This trend is here to stay for a long time and therefore, the hybrid functionality of our living spaces is a major concern that demands innovation from the builder’s side to design flats and apartments in a manner that suits the homebuyer’s improved lifestyle requirements. this is one of the Post Covid feature in apartments for work-life balance.


  • The Health Quotient

With the significance of healthy living spaces discussed presently more than ever before, builders and developers design and build modern living spaces with the perspective of creating a space that is essentially healthy for its occupants.

A healthy home should have all the elements and infrastructure that promote and ensures the health and well-being of its inhabitants. Features such as good air quality, safe and steady water supply, availability of ample daylight, good acoustics, etc are essential these days to ensure the comfort and health of individuals.


  • Leisure amenities

With the majority of individuals nowadays living on a hectic schedule, the significance of having a dedicated time slot to unwind the mind and body is extremely important – especially if they are working from home.

Individuals can use this time as their “me-time” to take care of themselves and their mental health, engage in leisure activities with family members, and try to de-stress from work and work-related stress.

Apartments offering a variety of leisure amenities such as parks, gardens, swimming pools, clubhouses, games facilities, etc are therefore helpful to enjoy such leisure time within the comfort of your apartment.

  • Fitness and health centers

The sedentary lifestyle of today’s generation can have an adverse effect on individuals’ overall health and well-being. Hectic schedules and lack of time to indulge in any kind of physical exercise make the situation worse.

Mindful of this health and wellness concern, one of the major advantages of living in apartments is the close availability and access to amenities such as fitness or health centers.

Even though flats and apartments had a fitness or health center within their premises, post-covid it has started to become a major necessity for homebuyers.


  • Community living

With the modern-day lifestyle making individuals concentrate on their own lives and their closest ones, they tend to lead a life that is detached from other members of society – especially the neighbors or individuals from the community they live in.

Living by socializing with others can make one’s life happy and happening. Being an active part of the community you live in gives you the occasion and opportunity to make new friends and take part in various social events and gatherings.

An apartment that promotes community living among its residents is therefore a healthy feature that homebuyers look forth – especially after living in isolation during the pandemic.


  • On-call maintenance

With the majority of individuals nowadays living on a hectic schedule, no one has the time or interest in spending time maintaining their home. Moreover, if you are an individual who is working from the comforts of your home, any issue that requires maintenance or repair is going to affect your peace of mind.

Most of the apartments will have an in-house maintenance person or crew who would be available on demand. Residents may avail the assistance of such maintenance personnel to fix issues or do repairs in your presence or while you are away. These are the Post Covid features in apartments for work-life balance

Veegaland Homes – one of the most acknowledged builders in Kerala design and develop flats and apartments in Kochi, Thrissur and Flats for sale in Kozhikode that offer modern-day homebuyers the balance they are seeking

Our living spaces in Kochi and Thrissur are carefully crafted to ensure the balance between work, life, and family. To learn more about our apartments and their unique amenities, visit:

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