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admin | May 17, 2021

Moving to a new home can be stressful, but looking at it from a different perspective, the same gives you the chance to get rid of all the junk you’ve held onto for a long time.

The fewer the items, the lesser will be the time taken for packing, and discarding unwanted things will help in making the unpacking process in your new home a lot easier. Along with that, it can cut down packing and transportation costs and extra room in your budget.

Let’s have a look at a list of few things to do before moving into new house:

1. Check your closet

What’s the point in spending your hard-earned money to move old clothes and accessories that you don’t even wear nowadays. Such materials that you feel like you won’t be wearing or using again, need not be carried to the new home to waste space unnecessarily.

The shoes and other footwear that you don’t use anymore can either be sold, discarded, or donated as a charity. If you are donating your old stuff, make sure that each piece is in a usable condition and is well cleaned while handing it over.

2. Clear your bathroom cabinet

Moving to a new home is also the perfect time to check your bathroom and bathroom cabinets for expired bath products and toiletries, empty shampoo bottles, expired lotions, unused perfumes, make up products, and related pieces of stuff.

With the newness of your home going to be in the products you are gonna use, discard these bathroom products and toiletries that are no more good for use and consider buying stuff according to your budget and preferences.


3. Kitchen extras

The kitchen being the heart of any home would be the place where you would come across a lot of things that need some careful review. Make sure to discard any utensils and associated accessories such as plastic containers, bottles, and cooking materials.

As an effort to minimize the use of plastic materials, consider this as the right time to dump them and move on to better and environmentally friendly utensils. Also, look inside cabinets for food and spices that have already expired are going to be of no use in the near future. In case any cooked or fresh foods are being left over, consider sharing them with someone in need.


4. Kid’s bedroom & toys

This is the one area where you will have a hard time figuring out what is needed and not for your kid and your new home. Toys generally don’t have much of a life as children’s likes and dislikes are prone to change as they grow older. So, check your child’s toy collections for toys and games which have outgrown them and consider discarding them in the right manner or giving them to someone better suited.

Also, check your child’s wardrobe for all those dresses and clothes that can’t be used by them anymore, and make sure to discard them or donate to charity.


5. Paper goods

Another common goods, seen as piling up at homes over time, which can be easily discarded are paper goods and related materials such as newspapers, magazines, and even receipts or bills. Although the bulk of them are not needed for your new home, make sure to check them for important documents and pieces of paper that could be misplaced or forgotten.

Here in this category, you can also include the books that you are sure; you’re not going to read any more in your life and can also consider donating them to the children’s centers, libraries, or related areas. The newspaper and magazines can be discarded at recycling areas which can be found within any neighborhood.


6. Old forms of media and devices

With the ever-changing technology innovative product development, it’s significant to upgrade with the trend and there would be a substantial electronic waste as a result. Wate from used electronic and electrical equipment is also the fastest growing form of solid waste in the world today and therefore needs to be disposed of responsibly.

Depending on the frequency of your e-waste disposal and the last house-shifting, there can be anything and every electronic device from VSH tapes to CDs, DVDs, and modern video games and mobile phones. Reviewing their functionality, they can be trashed or passed on to someone who finds them useful and even recycled.


7. Expired medicines and vitamins

Moving or downsizing your home is also the perfect time to check out the validity of your stocked medications and clean out your medicine cabinet or vanity drawers. Along with being a space saver, discarding expired medicines can also be a life-saving effort.

While getting rid of expired medicines and vitamin tablets, be extra careful to discard them responsibly and learn the whereabouts of the proper disposal of medication.

Old furniture and rugs

Last but not the least, heavy, big furniture items take up a lot of room not just in your homes, but also in your moving truck and cause a lot of headaches to transport due to their weight and also some extra bucks. Cheap furniture pieces can also be bought for almost the same price that it takes to move it.

Once you’ve finished going through every room in your home, either sell what you didn’t use anymore or donate it to charity. Decluttering your home is definitely worth its efforts and you will finally be rid of the mess you don’t need anymore and can even make some bucks which aids your shifting process.

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