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admin | December 7, 2020

Whether you’re going to move into the city of Thrissur, owning your first home in Thrissur or you’re an NRI investing in your home town, finding your dream home could be a complicated process, if it is not approached right.

Home-buying being the investment of a lifetime, there would be immense pressure upon home buyers (especially first-time buyers), once they begin the search for their dream home. And therefore, even a trivial misinformed decision could end up costing you a lot in the process.

You don’t have to worry; as Veegland Homes is one of the most reliable builders in Kerala is here to help you out with some tips that can aid you during your search for the dream flat in Thrissur.

1. Do your research

Unlike popular belief, online listings and scheduling home-tours are not the first steps in the process of homebuying. Instead, it’s to get engaged by yourself in a bit of research.
Doing research of your own can make you aware of the real-estate scenario of the city you are seeking a new home and can ultimately help determine your affordability (budget), and the major necessities you are looking out for. If you’re planning to relocate to Thrissur, a thorough understanding of your options help you ease the decision making.

2. Determine your budget

Along with the insights gained from your research, you would be able to determine your budget range which can significantly help your further search and set realistic expectations for your dream home.
Once you have set the budget range in mind and on paper, you are also ruling out the chances of putting yourself in a situation of considering a home that’s out of your affordable range.

3. Find an accessible location

Doing your research and determining the budget can be considered as home-works every home-buyer should do before starting their real house hunt. Once you’ve done that, the next important decision-making factor would be the location one has to choose. In thrissur, you may need to consider the proximity of your house to schools, hospitals, ease of getting in and out of the city and more.
With flexibility being an inherent quality of new-age lifestyle, home-buyers these days can be seen as prioritizing an accessible location over several other factors during their home-hunt.

4. Ensure the amenities

Once you have decided on an ideal location within your budget for flats in thrissur, the next important aspect to consider is to ensure that the builder has the amenities according to your preferences.
With the new-age lifestyle having ever-changing demands and perspectives over amenities, a dream home is nothing less than a comfortable space with the essential amenities and conveniences such as a gym, fitness center, kids play area, garden, etc.

5. Seek safety

Safety is undoubtedly the aspect on which no home-buyer wants to make a compromise as it is ultimately important to stay safe with your family members and also protect your belongings at the same time.
As measures to improve the safety around your living space, ensure that the builder or the apartment in Thrissur has safety measures such as fire space plans, window accessibility, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, CCTV camera, proper security system, etc.

6. Ensure the quality

Just as important as safety, another significant aspect to consider while buying a new home or apartment in Thrissur is the construction quality with which the building has been built, which depends on and can determine the reliability of the builder you’re choosing.
Build quality matters right from the kind of materials that are used with respect to the skill of labor and the level of technology in which it is constructed. In order to check on a particular builder’s reliability, one can always interact with their previous clients, check the features and quality of their past projects, etc.
The RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority) Registration of your chosen apartment can also add to the assurance factor of a builder these days. Thriving as the most trusted builders in Kerala, Veegaland Homes design and construct RERA registered modern living spaces with state-of-the-art technology and innovation, promising its inhabitants a life of complete peace of mind.
Veegaland Homes Thejus, our upcoming apartment project at Ayanthole, Thrissur is a equipped with many green initiatives, technology-driven apartment that guarantees a top-notch standard of living for the ones who are looking forward to upgrading, invest or settle in the cultural capital of Kerala.
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