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Top 7 Advantages of Choosing a no wall sharing apartment

admin | April 28, 2023
Top 7 Advantages of Choosing a no wall sharing apartment<

Apartment living has become the most sought-after form in major metropolitan cities and Kochi is no exception. The continued rise in housing demands has also created space constraints in major parts of the city for developing residential properties. 

The modern real estate industry confronts such situations by incorporating some compact designs in flats and apartments which essentially have an effect on the concept of peaceful living by causing disturbances and at times stealing the privacy of the residents.

Apartments with no common wall sharing are therefore always an asset and much-required amenity in this modern era. They are thoughtfully designed and built to meet all your requirements for a modern living space without compromising on space and privacy.

In this background, Veegaland Homes, one of the most reputed builders in Kerala has various premium flats in Kochi for sale,  have created this blog, to explain the Top 7 Advantages of  no wall sharing apartments:


  • Noise-free area

Apartments designed without common walls will essentially prevent the transmission of noise and sound from one apartment to another. 

Irrespective of the nature and intensity of the sound – be it loud laughter, baby cries, or the loud music from your music system, no wall-sharing apartments ensure the cancellation of any potential sound to cause disturbance to your neighbors.

Liberated from the unnecessary interference of others and the loud noises from your neighborhood, you would be free to enjoy your personal life to its best. tis is one of the advantages of  no wall sharing apartments.


  • Privacy quotient

Apartments with common walls are always a distress for your private life and its personal moments. Be it sounds, noise, or any kind of interference from your neighbors or strangers, it will definitely affect the privacy factor of your and your loved one’s life.

Apartments with no common walls sharing therefore give its residents absolute privacy and they would more or less be feeling like living in an independent house.


  • 3-point ventilation

Apartments with no common wall sharing are thoughtfully designed and built to have open entry points on three sides of the unit providing an uninterrupted flow of air inside the living space. 

Such a design prevents the inner temperature from rising by pushing out the dry air and it hence creates and maintains a cool and comfortable ambiance within your apartment even during the summer seasons.


  • Brings in more natural light

Strategically designed and built to have open entry points on three sides, apartments with no common wall sharing also help bring in a good amount of natural light into the interiors of the apartment and provide better illumination.

The availability of more natural light clearly brightens up your living space and helps create and maintain a welcoming ambiance within your apartment without wasting electricity. Hence no common wall-sharing apartments can also be called eco-friendly.


  • More space

Aesthetically designed and built to create more space, apartments with no common wall-sharing also offer their residents more freedom to move around and organize all kinds of stuff.

Apartments with no common wall-sharing are usually designed in such a way that there would only be fewer units per floor, which essentially increases privacy and make the interiors more spacious.


  • Embrace the true feel of home

Creating a noise-free environment where the residents and their loved ones will enjoy absolute privacy, more ventilation, ample living space, and enhanced availability of natural light, homebuyers who choose apartments with no common walls will be capable of embracing the true feeling of living at a home.

From the perspective of a nuclear family,  apartments with no common walls offer its members: parents, and children the perfect balance between their family and individual life with regard to space and privacy. These are the advantages of  no wall sharing apartments

Embrace the true feeling of home at Veegaland Homes:

Veegaland Homes – one of the prominent builders in Kerala, designs and build flats and apartments in Kochi and Thrissur with no common walls aspiring to offer our homebuyers a high-quality living experience.

Our apartments are strategically designed so that each unit has no common wall sharing which will offer its residents absolute privacy and let them enjoy peace of mind on a daily basis.

To learn more about our apartments for sale in Kochi with no common wall sharing and their specialties, visit: 

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