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admin | June 3, 2021

A clean, organized wardrobe is everyone’s dream, but regardless of the size, keeping a wardrobe clutter-free and organized is always a chore. However, a little reconfiguring and thoughtful rearrangement can make it easy for anyone to transform their wardrobe.

As you’ll be updating your wardrobe every now and then, maintaining your wardrobe as an organized space will be an ongoing process. But there are certain things that can ensure that you don’t waste your time rearranging your wardrobe every now and then. Let’s have a look at 7 tips to keep your wardrobe organized.

1. Start fresh

First and foremost take out all contents of your wardrobe (clothing, shoes, wardrobe organizers, etc) and empty the wardrobe. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to go through all of the contents and figure out what you really need, what you need to get rid of.

Take your time going through the items and separate what you are going to keep, and what you are going to donate, recycle, sell, or discard. Re-evaluating what you really need to store helps you to reduce your wardrobe to a manageable size and makes the decision-making process easier and more smooth when you need to choose an outfit.


2. Categorize

Once you’ve decided what all you’re going to keep and discard, a fast easy way to organize them is decluttering the clothing and other accessories according to their type. Separate your clothes into categories like pants, shirts, t-shirts, dresses, tops, outwear, undergarments, accessories, etc.

Sorting according to the season (winter jackets, summer dresses) can also save up some space in your wardrobe, or you can even consider placing those seasonal specific items aside until you actually need them. Then going through the sorted contents, you can once more make an easier choice regarding what to get rid of and not.


3. Design

Once you’ve sorted your wardrobe contents according to your preferences, it’s time to get creative with what you have decided to keep. Taking into account the best features of your wardrobe (vertical storage space, built-in shelving, or multiple hanging rods), figure out which area you’re going to use for what.

Utilizing all the space that your wardrobe has to offer, you can -re-design the way in which you would like it to look from now on. Figuring out the right wardrobe organizers or solutions for your particular space, you can install them to create more space in your wardrobe and make them readily accessible.


4. Fold, roll, or tuck

Folding, rolling, or tucking the clothing that won’t wrinkle is an effective way to save space and keep your wardrobe organized. Workout clothing, cotton t-shirts, and sweaters are some of the clothing types that can be easily folded and placed within drawers, bins, shelves, or decorative boxes.

Stacking bulky clothing materials like sweaters, jackets, and denim can save you a lot of space in your drawers and for hanging. Sorting and arranging in such a manner can also make it easier for you to find the right stuff when you’re looking for it.


5. Hang

With folding, rolling, and tucking only practically possible with clothing that won’t wrinkle, hanging would be the ideal choice for those clothing that are delicate, fancy, or sturdy. Dresses, skirts, lingerie, suits, coats, and blazers can be hanged which makes better use of the storage space in the wardrobe.

Adding a few extra hanging rode and smartly positioning them in the wardrobes can give a few more options to hang the different clothing items you have and effectively use the space. Lower hanging rods and color-coordinated arrangements are two other methods that can be considered.


6. Lighting

All those decluttering, re-arrangement and organizing aren’t worth the efforts or functional, until and unless there is good lighting to illuminate the space, allowing you to find things that you need, once required.

Inner wardrobes or drawers with a small opening would not have the required light to see and spot the contents. Therefore, other than the common bedroom lights, installing LED light fixtures as task lighting or overhead lighting within the wardrobes can be an efficient and effective way to bring in some extra light inside and give a statement to your wardrobe.


7. Repeat

The more frequently you work on the maintenance of your wardrobe, the less time it will take to organize it. Therefore, taking your schedule into consideration, choose a time slot for a quick makeover of your wardrobe once a month or according to your preferences. The difficulty in finding a piece of clothing can be considered a good sign that it’s time to re-organize your wardrobe.

Follow these top 7 tips to keep your wardrobe organized, and you will be glad to find that your dressing routine is a lot easier and less time-consuming.

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