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admin | April 9, 2021

Wallpapers are budget-friendly alternatives to add more color and charm to your interiors and create a different atmosphere and ambiance altogether. With the progress in new printing techniques and finishes, the market upgrades its design and styles constantly, making the wallpaper trends and designs evolving over time.

From visually correcting wall deformations to completely changing the dimension of the interiors, wallpapers are known to provide plenty of advantages. Pushing the boundaries on new possibilities and leaving the style of just printing on paper, the usage is now much bolder and braver.

1. Mural

With a significant rise in interest in the past year, mural wallpaper designs are expected to be a huge trend in the coming years. Featuring tunnels, cityscapes, forests, and several other architectural elements, mural designs are preferred to create an infinite effect and feeling of depth within the interiors to make the space look and feel bigger.

With plenty of atmospheric panoramas, scenes, and perspectives to choose from, mural-style panoramic wallpapers are one of the most preferred wallpaper designs for the living rooms. With their large-scale canvas, they can create an immersive visual experience among the spectators, drawing in the attraction your walls would miss otherwise.


2. Florals

Thanks to the constant design upgrades and plenty of color options, floral wallpaper designs are still in popular demand and one of the best choices to offer your interiors a breath of fresh air. Floral wallpaper designs can easily transform your dull walls into something attractive and fashionable.

With their ability to adapt in order to suit any space, be it vintage, retro, or contemporary, the only thing to take care of while choosing floral designs are to make sure that the floral patterns and color match with the rest of the decor elements. Large prints can also create an illusion of space and make the area look bigger.


3. Textured

One-dimensional wallpapers are a thing of the past now and the number of surfaces that can be printed on has significantly increased with the technological advancements in printing. A highly appreciated trend these days in wallpaper design is the textured covering that gives walls a touch-me texture or various textured effects which can make a room feel softer and cozier.

Layered with texture, the interior decoration will feel more personal and it’s now possible to embellish corks, grass-cloths, and silks with almost any kinds of design preferences. With endless customization possibilities, the textured design is sure to make your interiors bolder and unique.


4. Tropical

Another set of seemingly interesting latest wallpaper designs is the tropical, bamboo, animal print, and botanical designs that bring in an exotic adventure vibe to the interiors. Unable to travel and the major portion of our lives in the previous year spent indoors, this design was a choice to bring in the missing holiday or outgoing feel that the inhabitants would otherwise have.

The rich deep rainforest, jungle, and wilderness patterns are tropical styles that bring in the natural world like never before and make the decor fresher and more inspiring. The selection of matching upholstery, wall art, and other accessories will definitely bring in extra magic to the decor.


5. Natural materials

With the significance and need for a sustainable future increasing day after day, the desire to repair, repurpose, and recycle should be at the forefront of our minds and reflect in the choices we make.

The increased awareness has made a surge in the preference of natural materials like wicker, grass, straw, and silk, Moreover, they are emphasized as more durable and bolder choices for wallpapers, which also bring in the biophilic trend of wellness through plants and foliage. With the need to bring in nature still in trend, natural materials are definitely going to remain a favorite.


6. Retro style

Another design style that is instantly becoming popular is retro art; which sees the incorporation of prints and patterns from the past taking inspiration from popular designs and stylish fabric choices.

Wallpapers featuring images from the jazz-era, mid-century, and other aesthetically significant periods can be seen as bringing a thematic charm to the walls. These designs and patterns which have a timely significance can be matched with warmer colors for creating a more interesting interior. Black and white design and patterns are other trademarks of the retro style which can be chosen for homes to make a unique statement.


7. Abstract

Abstract shapes, patterns, and designs with unique pops of color will continue to stay on trend in the coming years and they are undoubtedly a design choice for decorating an urban house dominated by artificial materials and intricate structure.

Although taking roots in the art scene of the ’60s, abstract art, and ideas can be seen as constantly experimenting with forms creatively, fostering freedom and the sense to the artists. In the ever-changing world of contemporary design and trends, abstract art and design is prominent for their unique characteristics and can bring a different vibe to the interiors.
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