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Eco-friendly Apartments: How this buzzword functions at Veegaland Apartments

admin | October 14, 2021
Eco-friendly Apartments: How this buzzword functions at Veegaland Apartments<

Defining “Eco-friendly apartment”

An eco-friendly apartment or a green apartment is an environmentally low-impact apartment, designed and constructed utilizing materials and technology that scale down the carbon footprint and depend upon minimal energy consumption.

In contrast to other terms used in the construction industry that mostly stand for style, aesthetics or design, the term “eco” is generic, and signifies a wider framework of construction practices that mitigates its effect on the environment.


Veegaland Home’s Eco-friendly Apartments

Understanding the significance of creating a sustainable environment for our future generation, Veegaland Homes takes constant efforts in transforming the eco-friendly framework from an alternative mode of construction to the mainstream.

Supporting all kinds of ‘green’ initiatives that are beneficial for a sustainable future, we design and develop our flats and apartments through eco-friendly means. Let’s now have a look at some of the eminent eco-friendly efforts carried out by Veegaland Homes: 


  • Solar Powered Common Area

Switching to clean, renewable energy is one of those important choices that can have a positive impact on our planet’s future. Opting for solar power, you can significantly minimize your carbon footprint and also adopt a more sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyle.

With powering an entire apartment on solar energy having its own complexity, Veegaland Homes have solar cells installed on the roof which will help to minimize the excess amount of electricity usage. Through the 10 KW grid connected solar system, the same solar energy will be used to power the common area and UPS back up for lights in lobbies. 


  • Rainwater harvesting

Increasingly practical in the conservation of water and energy, the Rainwater harvesting system has been a sustainable practice that contributes to eco-friendly living. A well-functioning rainwater harvesting system can reduce water consumption by at least 40% and allow it to be efficiently utilized for other purposes.

Veegaland Homes flats and apartments have rainwater harvesting systems equipped with large capacity water tanks to ensure that not a single drop of rainwater goes unused. Our sustainable efforts help to recharge ground water and also to reduce registration charges.


  • Porotherm bricks

Horizontally or vertically perforated clay bricks, manufactured in a variety of sizes from natural clay, coal ash, rice husk and granite slurry, Porotherm bricks are preferred due to its desired thermal insulation characteristics. They do not release any harmful toxins into the atmosphere and would not cause any allergic issues also.

With their capacity to retain low moisture and dry faster, Porotherm bricks also help to optimize thermal protection naturally. Veegaland Homes’ flats and apartments have exterior walls constructed with Porotherm bricks for maximum strength and heat insulation.


  • Bio-bin & Incinerator

Bio-bins are designed for treating biodegradable waste in communities and incinerators are large containers used for burning refuse. The biodegradable waste is further composted and the manure can be used for plants. Whereas, the non-biodegradable waste after segregation can be sent for recycling or burned in incinerators.

Veegaland Homes’ have Incinerator & Bio-bins installed in all its flats and apartments to function as self-reliant with their own waste management systems.


  • Landscaped garden

Done with a view to create a picturesque natural environment by the planting of lawn, trees and shrubs, landscape gardening is used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of buildings and public areas.

Landscaped gardens are also known to have health benefits such as decreasing stress levels, filtering pollutants and providing cleaner air. Veegaland Homes’ flats and apartments have well designed and maintained landscaped gardens to offer our residents an ideal place to sit and relax with their loved ones. 


  • Air/Light-well

Lightwell or air-well are unroofed external spaces provided within the structure of a large building to allow the passage of air and light into areas that would otherwise be dark or unventilated. 

Increasing the reflection of sunlight within a space, light wells serve to reduce the necessity for electric lighting, thereby contributing to sustainability. Veegaland Homes’ flats and apartments have well constructed lightwells to provide illumination and ventilation to the interiors of our living spaces.

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