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Wellness homes; New Trends in the Real Estate Industry

Veegaland | November 7, 2022
Wellness homes; New Trends in the Real Estate Industry<

The Covid-19 pandemic undoubtedly has brought with it some strong revelations and realizations; especially with regard to our health and hygiene. And post-covid, in today’s modern world, it is extremely important that we follow a healthy lifestyle – balancing work, family commitments, and personal wellness.

As it’s the homes, communities, and societies that directly affect an individual’s daily behaviors and lifestyles, the new trend in the real estate industry is to create or build buildings and living spaces with great significance to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being.

Veegaland Homes, one of the most quality builders in Kerala with ongoing flats in Kochi, through this blog, will explore some of the new trends in wellness real estate and communities:

1) Indoor-Outdoor synergy

Breathing is a subconscious activity, and on average, a human being takes about 20,000 breaths a day. However, with the pandemic making people spend most of their time in their own homes, air quality is something that needs to be given more thought, while you are building or buying a new home.

Indoor-Outdoor synergy is one of the most popular trends for new homes as they are capable of bringing into your home, a breath of fresh air without any additional effort. It is not just helpful for breathing alone, but also reduces stress and improves mental state.

2) Hybrid living

With the increasing trend of remote work and the related burnout and loneliness that comes with it, multifunctional designs that can literally dissolve the line between home and work and offer the perfect work-life balance are one of the newly popular home design concepts in wellness living.

Homes are no more traditional sanctuaries of rest and it’s the space from where we work, exercise, socialize, and live with our loved ones. This trend is going to stay long term and undoubtedly, the hybrid functionality of our homes requires innovation and thought to re-design it in a manner that will be fit for a particular individual’s lifestyle.

3) “Less is more”

“Less is more” is a motto adopted by German Architect and furniture designer Ludwig Mies van der Rohe to describe his aesthetics, which was popular for arranging the basic components of architecture to create an impression of extreme simplicity.

Minimalist interior design essentially makes room for the things you really value, and thus creates a clean and stylized interior design that also has a touch of nature. There are several wellness benefits to living in a clutter-free environment and that’s the reason several minimalist interior design trends are celebrated these days.

4) Healthcare & Integrative wellbeing

As a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour, exclusive amenities that promote the same can be seen as one of the popular trends.

Right from walking trails to innovative features and amenities like dedicated spaces for meditation or yoga and other healthcare amenities that promote wellness are the homebuyers’ favorites now.

Designs that are capable of inducing a sense of positivity within the living space and uplifting the physical and mental well-being of the ones living there are therefore considered to be significant parameters.

5) Eco-friendliness & Renewable energy

Creating a sustainable environment for our future generation is a collective responsibility that demands efforts from each and every individual. The concept of eco-friendly homes has come a long way and is now one of the most preferred choices among homebuyers; especially in the urban community.

Modern construction materials, designs, and practices are sustainable yet premium and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle, which significantly helps lower our carbon footprint in our environment.

The use of renewable energy is another important aspect of a green building as it has a lot of potential to make it a lot more sustainable and environmentally friendly. They use solar energy for daylighting, water heaters, or even emergency lighting systems. Active systems connected to the electricity supply also reduce the consumption of grid power.

An apartment with built-in recreational amenities allows you to stay fit and healthy, all within the comforts of your home, and such a lifestyle is undoubtedly the need of the hour. Book our ongoing flats in Kochi for the best price and dream of a future living with eco – friendly and renewable energy.

Veegaland Homes, Quality builders in Kerala has ongoing flats in Kochi designs and develops apartments with a variety of recreational amenities and facilities available within the apartment complex. To learn more about our conveniently built living spaces and the comforts they offer, visit:

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