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admin | August 10, 2020

There are many, and it’s quite subjective. However, here’s a list, prioritized based on years of experience of people who’ve moved quite a bit, experienced different ways of life including villages, other metros and renting.

1. Air matters

You don’t want to suffocate. Have you noticed when people get to a certain home they feel a lot relaxed while at some other places, they feel suffocated. While you may find the first house not to be a luxurious one when compared to the second, but then what difference does it make to keep a person feel happy? It’s the air and light that flows in and out of the home

2. Light matters

Natural light cannot be replaced. Not just for the sake of saving electricity but for the effect of natural can have on your health. This is also an equally important factor that will drive you to fall in love with a home long term. Especially if you’re buying a home or apartment in Kochi, you’re married to it probably for a long time, then falling in love is important where air and light makes a lot of room for life within. Especially in a city like Kochi, you don’t find so many parks that you can just go to, when you feel like gulping a lot of fresh air and light.

3. Space for Children

Children need more space than you can imagine. The more space, the happier they become, the better they develop. To run, fall, get back up and try again, this would be priority for the parents as well. They have a lot of the life skills to learn around the home, socialize with others – clean space where they’re not disturbed by vehicles or stray dogs or strangers.

4. Proximity or time to reach your work location

Does this really matter in the Pandemic Scenario? Though many have moved to work from home, it’s proving not to be a pleasant or productive work environment for businesses. For employees it removed the work and home/life balance which might affect the mental health in a negative way. We’re coming to say that time taken to reach your work place still continues to be a huge priority.

5. Escape

We all have problems and we love an escape once in a while. This escape happens with most of us on a daily basis. We need some quite time to think, relax or just meditate. Stay away from others, be it family or friends. Do you have a corner in your house, a terrace or a balcony in your apartment where you can spend some quality time alone? Keep this question active when you’re out there looking for an apartment in Kochi.

6. Exercise

There’s a new high in society and one can say that’s a lot of sports, mostly indoors. The most popular sports in Kochi today is badminton followed by Soccer. But what many don’t realize is the injuries that come along with these sports like badminton and soccer. Good players or just average players need a lot of supporting activities such sports medicine and supporting exercises. This maybe a quick gym practice or taking a swim to relieve your pain from playing and revitalize for the day and game ahead.

7. Parking

For most of us, your car or SUV is a second home. It’s a pleasure, treasure and an entertainment. You don’t want it to be struggling to stay parked, left unattended or unwashed. It’s a pain if you have to park it by the side of the road, being a nuisance for passers-by. Maybe parking shall come as the first priority but kept this to the last as it’s safe to assume most apartments in Kochi have a good parking allocation for its residents. You’d also want to keep your visitors respected by giving them a parking space when they visit you.

8. Party

Where would you hangout with your friends? Especially when you have been confined to your homes due to the pandemic? It’s an added advantage if you have a dedicated space for a meeting, a birthday party or a get together. This not just saves you money, but also ensures that you don’t miss out an important occasion due to the lack of space where you can bring your family and friends together.

9. Neighbours

A good neighbourhood is important not just to make friends but for the safety and peace of mind. Here’s some bad neighbour activities, waste disposal in your premises, leaving their children unattended causing others trouble and anxiety, unwelcomed visits or unattended pets and too many visitors without respecting the privacy of others.
Is there way to know these upfront about a neighbourhood? Well this is something you’ll have to trust your gut to decide upon. Apartments, however are comparatively safer with the presence of a residence association system where things are taken of, else you have an authority to raise your concern with.

10. Garden 

Do you have a garden? Better, do you have a kitchen garden or terrace garden? Even better, do you have provisions to create one? These are quite important today as people have learnt to garden vegetables and the results they’ve been enjoying. It’s a way of life and many of them would want to consider continue it in their new home or apartment in Kochi. Space in balconies or kitchen may help build vertical garden or place a few pots.

11. Pet friendliness

Though it’s somewhere in the middle of this unending list, it’s a vital one for some humans. Their connection with their pets like it’s their family or friends. Some apartments in Kochi, may not allow pets as residents have various preferences when it comes to pets. This restriction is in place, primarily because of the laidback approach of some pet owners who don’t train or attend to the pets making it a difficulty to the neighbour who maybe an animal lover but abstains as he may not be able to provide the care, the animal deserves.

This list can go on. However, the list mentioned above is important when you’re looking forward to buy, not rent, as you’re locked for some time and involves a larger investment. To weigh these factors at the apartment in Kochi you’re considering, you’ll need to visit a couple of times, take notes, speak to neighbours, do some online research, visit the nearest shops and make a few trips to the office and back. It’s also advised to take a look at the property during different seasons of the year, if possible. Happy searching!

Veegaland homes, one of the best builder in Kochi have prioritized these and beyond in the planning stages of each apartment project. Starting from the project planning to interior design, convenience and customization options drive the implementation. Two of Veegaland Homes’ current projects ready with sample apartments where you can visit, listen to your gut about how you feel and make informed decisions. Veegaland Zinnia at Kakkanad and Veegaland KingsFort at Eroor offers sample apartment visits.

Veegaland’s all ongoing projects are K-RERA registered – KingsFort | K-RERA/PRJ/031/2020, Zinnia| K-RERA/PRJ/038/2020, Exotica | K-RERA/PRJ/039/2020, Thejus | K-RERA/PRJ/040/2020, Bliss | K-RERA/PRJ/115/2020

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