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Why are apartments in Kochi NRI’s best pick?

admin | February 1, 2023
Why are apartments in Kochi NRI’s best pick?<

Real estate has always been one of the most preferred assets among Non-Resident Indians (NRI). Owning an apartment on the shores of the Queen of the Arabian Sea is not just the dream of Malayalis living within the state and other parts of India, but of NRIs as well.

Kochi is undoubtedly the most desired property destination in Kerala  for buy flats in Kochi and the city’s massive growth is a result of developments made possible through NRI investments.

Veegaland Homes through this blog looks into the peculiarities of Kochi – one of the most expensive real estate markets in India, and its reasons for being favored by NRI as the best pick:


  • The picturesque city

Nestled in the lap of the Queen of the Arabian sea, Kochi is the perfect blend of scenic nature and blooming cityscapes. The city; which is also the industrial capital of Kerala is loved equally by folks from other parts of the state and country and world.

Kochi’s beautiful backwaters, beaches, shopping centers, and distinct culture attracts tourists irrespective of the seasons, making the city the most happening and proud destination of the state.


  • Affordable sea-facing properties

A sea-facing apartment with a magnificent view of the backwaters, harbor, and its beautiful walkway is an ideal dream for homebuyers who wish to settle down in Kochi. And contrary to other prime sea-facing locations in the country, the price of land and the property rates are quite affordable in Kochi, which makes it a reasonable choice for NRI homebuyers to buy flats in Kochi.

The marine drive walkway and Queen’s walkway are two major locations that continue to be the most sought-after coastal properties in Kochi.


  • Excellent amenities

Kochi is undoubtedly the top city in Kerala that can match the standards of the foreign countries in which the NRIs are based.  This obviously makes the city their number one choice when they are considering settling or owning an apartment in God’s own country.

Functioning as the commercial hub and the industrial capital of Kerala, Kochi is prospering with the best amenities catering to the ultra-modern lifestyle of its residents. Its rapidly evolving social and economic infrastructure hence makes it the favorite destination among the NRI’s


  • The quality of life

With the right balance of development and scenic environment, Kochi as a city offers a lot to its residents. The stability, security, adequate leisure options, infrastructure, etc. offered by the city will naturally uplift the lifestyle of its citizens.

The cosmopolitan culture, work-life balance, and the level of satisfaction the city offers make it the ideal residential destination for NRIs


  • Connectivity / Accessibility

With almost all major forms of transportation systems functioning at their best, Kochi is well-connected and accessible from any part of the world.

Cochin International Airport is the first ever fully solar-powered airport in the world well connected with major cities around the globe. Aside from being a part of the rail network that remarkably connects the whole country, Kochi also has well-constructed and maintained highways and an excellent public transportation system; be it on the road or waterways.


  • Smooth purchase/selling

As the buying and selling process of apartments is directly taken care of by the builder or the developer, it makes the whole procedure a lot more smooth and more convenient.

With Kochi being the most desirable real estate destination in Kerala, the value of its apartments will only increase over time, making the whole process of selling and buying a lot faster than in other parts of the state.


  • Higher ROI

Be it for living, investing, or as a source of income, owning a property in any of the prime locations of Kochi can undoubtedly earn you higher Returns On Investment, creating a stable source of income throughout the year for the rest of your life.

Prospering as one of the most reliable and successful Luxury builders in Kerala, Veegaland Homes has flats and apartments  for sale in Kochi  and flats for sale in Thrissur , which assures our buyers guaranteed returns over the years.

Veegaland Homes design and develop living spaces and residential communities with state-of-art amenities that can increase the quality of life and encourage the resident’s well-being and peace of mind.

To learn more about the best luxury builders in Kerala, get in touch with us to buy flats in Kochi:

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