Why buy an energy-efficient home in Kochi?

Why buy an energy-efficient home in Kochi?

With environmentally conscious homebuyers considering to buy or remodel their homes in an eco-friendly manner, Energy efficient homes have gained more popularity over the last several years. As an eco-friendly builder in Kerala, Veegaland also consider this as one of the prime factor.
As energy-efficient even tops the list of features of the new age home-buyers while they are in the quest of their dream home, let’s look at some of the most important advantages associated with an energy saving smart home:

1. Eco-friendliness

Primarily, all efficient features and elements of an energy-efficient room work together to lower the energy consumption, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and thereby reduce the home’s carbon footprint.
With the essential foundation of energy efficiency being to create a design that takes advantage of the local environment, site conditions and climate, building or remodeling a home, reducing the environmental footprint has never been this easier or more cost effective.


2. Cost-effective

High-efficiency heating equipment, paired with an efficient building envelope requires less energy to heat and cool a home, which considerably reduces your monthly and annually operating costs of the home.
Outfitted with low-flow accessories to lower water consumption and water-heating costs, energy-efficient homes will cost less to operate than the majority of existing homes and it can lower the operating cost upto 40-60% depending on the lifestyle conditions. 


3. Comfortable  

Comfort is a combination of temperature, humidity, air flow and a bit of personal preference. While there is no existing combination that can be considered as perfect for all potential occupants, there is an ideal comfort range on which the standard is fixed.
With people spending a significant amount of their time indoors, an energy-efficient home can keep them warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Energy-efficient homes also stay more comfortable and safe during a blackout or unfortunate times such as a natural calamity or disaster.  


4. Healthy 

Energy efficiency homes has many direct and indirect benefits to our health. Primarily, the lower heating bills can improve your mental health and thereby improve your wellbeing. Improved air quality would decrease respiratory diseases and reduce the mortality rate, reduced mould could decrease many cardiovascular diseases and reduce chronic pain. 
By staying warmer and drier, you could feel less drafty and reduce the possibility of several chronic diseases and reduce hospitalization and increase productivity.


5. Durable 

Constructed with an enhanced focus on the building envelope with better design and construction practices, energy-efficient homes enhance the quality of the home and stay durable.


6. Return on Investment 

Energy-efficient homes can generate immediate Return on Investments (ROI) which means that your home is “cash flow positive” from day one.  The home’s fixtures and upgrades which show a commitment to energy efficiency also adds to its resale value. 
Newer windows, doors, high-efficiency lighting and appliances not only save money and energy, but will also look great to the buyer’s eyes. The investments in renewable energy appliances like solar panels can significantly pay off in the future.
Thriving as an eco-friendly builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes supports all kinds of green initiatives that are beneficial for a sustainable future.
Our apartments and flats in Kerala are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology to realize an exemplary modern living. To learn more about our ongoing and upcoming projects, visit: veegaland.com

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