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10 basic ways to maintain your new home

Veegaland | December 9, 2022
10 basic ways to maintain your new home<

With all things being clean, shining, and even smelling new, a brand new home, beyond a doubt, can make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. However, as time goes by, it could feel intimidating and laborious to maintain your nest in the same wonderful condition as it was on its very first day.

Taking into consideration this common dilemma faced by most homeowners, Veegaland Homes, one of the most trustworthy Premium builders in Kerala has prepared this blog with 10 basic ways to maintain your new home. Let us have a look at each:


  • Create a maintenance checklist

Creating a checklist of the maintenance tasks that need to be done both inside and outside of your home helps you systematically clean and maintain all around your home. It also helps you to schedule the time for doing these tasks and also divides the workload according to your own lifestyle or time.


  • Keep your home clutter-free

With you just starting to live in your brand new home, “now is the right time”. Start making it a habit to put items and appliances in their dedicated spaces after their use every time.

Having allocated boxes or containers for things – especially small items helps to reduce clutter and organize things. Disposing of the things that you no longer require on a day-to-day or weekly basis also ensures that your home is clutter-free.


  • Vacuum your floor regularly

Vacuuming the floors of your home every week or at least every alternate week will help eliminate dust, fur, dander, and dirt. Regular cleaning of the floor will extend the life of your floor and make it look as glazing as it was on the first day. Moreover, it can also improve the air quality in your home.


  • Prevent water damage

Water damage being expensive and time-consuming could be the last thing you want in your new home. They are also capable of destroying your valuables if left unnoticed for a long time.

Once in a while (especially before the monsoons) go around your home and make sure there is no blockage and also make sure the windows and other openings are sealed properly. Choosing a premium builders in Kerala like Veegaland Homes can reduce the risk of water damage.


  • Control moisture levels

An excessive quantity of household moisture is capable of causing mold; a serious health hazard that may require a substantial amount of work to put right. Mold may also attract rodents and other insects into the home which could cause other damages as well.

To help avoid mold, ensure proper ventilation, scrub and clean bathroom tiles and other wet surfaces at least once per month, and look for any signs of leaks in and around your house.


  • Check your HVAC unit

Yearly inspections by an HVAC professional and periodically changing the air filter of your air conditioner can make it more efficient maintaining higher air quality and prolonging its life.

The air filters should be changed according to the recommended intervals or more often; in case you have furry pets in your home.


  • Clean ceiling fans

Even though ceiling fans can help keep the indoor air circulated and maintain the quality with lower energy costs, the fan blades tend to get dirty over time, which if not cleaned regularly could result in the residents breathing in the dust accumulated by the fan. Cleaning it can make it function more efficiently and effectively, and moreover look nice.


  • Check exterior components

Periodically going around the house and checking the exteriors and paint to make sure that no serious damage or troubles have popped up helps rule out severe accidents or expensive repairs. Doing this check before the monsoons or winters help prepare your house for the drastic climate – rain and snow.


  • Routine pest control

With rodents and other living things such as bees, spiders, and mosquitos known to create health hazards to the residents, keeping them on the bay through routine pest control ensures safety and also saves you from expensive repairs.

There are several pest control agencies offering their professional service, which can be availed if you cannot do it on your own.


  • Know the maintenance people

With regular maintenance of your home a must, you can either do it yourself on a periodic basis or get professional help. However, with professionals making a living out of this, they will have all the necessary tools and also know-how to make routine maintenance tasks smooth and stress-free.

Having a contact list of such handymen or professionals can therefore make it easier for such tasks to be completed in a short time. Veegaland homes, the premium builders in Kerala include the advanced things to maintain the apartments.

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