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Your Gateway to Luxury Living in Kochi: Veegaland Green Heights

Veegaland Homes | February 21, 2024
Your Gateway to Luxury Living in Kochi: Veegaland Green Heights<


“Magnum Opus” is a term widely used in the universal literary, arts and academic contexts. It simply denotes a great value to a particular work of an individual – that is considered as the greatest work of a person’s career or work of outstanding creativity, skill, profundity, and workmanship.


Put simply – Green Heights is Veegaland Home’s Magnum Opus in every sense of the word. Through this blog, let’s explore the reasons why Kerala’s most reliable builders are asserting this as the major attribute of our upcoming project and how it will be your gateway to luxury living in Kochi:


  • Literally “An extreme of extents”


Veegaland Green Heights is conceived as one of the tallest Biophilic urban home the city has ever witnessed, in a vast area of land – that can almost fit one and another half of a football field.


This iconic luxury biophilic apartment with 28-floors is relatively tall compared to the other high-rise buildings in the state and it only accommodates 3 and 4 BHK apartments


Designed and built on a floor plan that is way above the conventional floor plans, it is also very well crafted to synchronise functionality and aesthetics and enhance the living experience of the occupants.


  • It’s ultra-sporty like never before


Envisioned as an ultra-sporty luxury apartment, Green Heights is realised with futuristic amenities that has all prospects to reset what is being perceived as “luxury amenities” in modern apartments.


Dedicated game zones with most advanced facilities for sports such as tennis, basketball, badminton, and cricket, inspire the residents to up their game in their own comforts.


  • A world within a world


More than everything, what sets this magnificent luxury apartment apart is the 17th floor that is exclusively designed to host a vast range of fitness & entertainment amenities along with a spectacular landscaped sky walk.


In addition to the ultra-modern fitness centre, dedicated yoga space, and zumba studio, residents will also have the privilege of a state-of-the-art home theatre and an ultra-modern co-working space.


Pet friendly zones and herbal garden at the ground floor, and luxurious infinity pool and Jacuzzi at the top floor will be the  add-ons to this amenity-rich paradise.


  • Strategic and convenient locations


Thrippunithura – the capital of the erstwhile Kingdom of Cochin is now gaining prominence as an ideal location for residents seeking a peaceful life; that is conveniently away from the hustle and bustle of the emerging cosmopolitan city.


Located just around 10 kilometres away from the city centre, Thrippunithura is already very well connected with other parts of Kochi through different forms of transportation – including the Kochi metro.


The upcoming Thrippunithura Metro Terminal adjacent to the Thrippunithura railway station will elevate the town’s connectivity even further. Thrippunithura is also at a convenient distance away from Infopark.


  • Eco-friendly, Biophilic Urban Homes


Meticulously designed embracing the concept of eco-friendliness and biophilic homes, Green Heights has been crafted to enhance the residents’ overall well being, creativity and inspire a harmonious living environment. Choose Green heights to experience the Luxury Living in Kochi


The utilisation of eco-friendly options such as Porotherm bricks, Natural ventilation, and UPVC balcony doors ensure a comfortable living. Whereas, the implementation of sustainable systems such as RO Treated Water, Rainwater Harvesting, Ultra Filtration in STP, and Solar power contribute to a futuristic living.


  • Advanced safety features


Designed and developed as the most iconic project from Veegaland Homes – the most reliable builder in Kerala, safety should be the last of your concerns while you are considering Green Heights for experiencing the Luxury Living in Kochi.


The ultra-modern technology and safety measures at Green Heights will indeed ensure that the apartment is well equipped to realise a fine and secure living for its residents.


Green Heights is implemented with:


  • Advanced fire safety systems such as pump systems, fire sprinklers, hydrant spray, and Fire alarm master control.


  • Security systems such as 24-hour CCTV surveillance, guarded security, advanced access control systems, locks, etc


  • Electrical and Lighting Safety measures such as RCCB system, surge protective devices, etc.

Crafted by the pioneers of Biophilic urban homes – Veegaland Homes, Green Heights – our Magnum Opus will be Kochi’s tallest Biophilic urban home.


To grab the exciting launch offers for the flats for sale in Kochi, please get in touch with us.

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