50 Essential questions to ask any Homebuilder

50 Essential questions to ask any Homebuilder

Home-buying being the investment of a lifetime, there would be immense pressure upon home buyers (especially first-timers), once they have made up their mind to have a dream home of their own. And therefore, even a small misinformed decision could end up costing you a lot in the process.
You don’t have to worry; as Veegaland Homes, the most reliable builder in Kerala is here to help you out with 50 Essential questions to ask any Homebuilder, which you may consider asking your homebuilder while signing the contract or paying any down payment.

Down payment and pricing related questions

1. How much is the deposit?
2. How much of the deposit will be kept should we not proceed?
3. At what stage can we know the final price?
4. Could you give us an estimated price before we pay the deposit?
5. If we pay for things like soil test and property information, do we get these reports to own in case we do not proceed?
6. Are there any additional fees related to the home or its construction?
7. Once completed, will there be an owners’ association? If so, how much will the dues cost, and what all do they cover?
8. What are the estimated taxes on the property?
9. How is the final price of my home determined? What are all included (and not included) in the quote?
10. Will there be any incentives while utilizing the builder’s preferred lender?

Land related questions

11. Do I need to find the land myself, or do you help acquire the land?
12. Do I require an engineer-designed foundation?
13. Do I require protection against anything?
14. Are there any systems that need to be engineer-designed?
15. Is landscaping included?

Plan & Design related Questions

16. How many plans do you have in your range?
17. Are modifications to your standard plans allowed? If yes, at what cost?
18. Will you inspect our lot before we buy it to ensure if it is suitable?
19. What all are included in your floor area total?
20. Do you provide a comprehensive design consultation service? If yes, what all will this include?
21. Will you assist me to find out if there are specific requirements or restrictions regarding our home’s location or the acquired land?
22. Will you provide a simple concept plan with my quote before I pay my deposit?
23. Have you built a similar home style before?
24. Do you have a portfolio of the home finished construction?
25. Can you make my home energy efficient?

Credibility related Questions

26. How long have you been in business and how many homes have you built so far?
27. Are you licensed and insured?
28. Do you offer a warranty program?
29. Is it possible to show me through any homes that are currently being constructed, or any completed homes or sample homes?
30. Could you provide me testimonials from past clients?
31. Is there a fixed build time?
32. Will your organization pay me in case you exceed the contract time? (Liquidation damages.)
33. What exceptions enable you to extend the contract time with no liquidation damages payable?
34. Has this organization ever been sued by a customer?
35. Who is going to be my contact throughout the project?
36. How will you handle security during construction?

Confidence related Questions

37. What are the job site health and safety processes you follow?
38. What contractors do you use?
39. Do you have a dedicated construction coordinator who will personally manage all sub-trades on my site, keep me updated on progress and answer my queries?
40. Is it possible to speak directly to the registered builder who is ultimately responsible for my home construction?
41. How can I ensure that your company is financially stable?
42. How does associating with you benefit me?
43. Which suppliers do you use?
44. How do you ensure to stay on the promised budget and time?
45. How do you handle complications or crises?

Technical Questions

46. What wall and ceiling insulation is included?
47. What is the brand of paint that is going to be used?
48. Is sheathing to roofing included?
49. What type of toilets and basins are included?
50. What system is going to be installed for gas and water supply?
The process of buying a home can be a tedious and stressful process. But that doesn’t mean, choosing the right builder should be so. Therefore, try to do your bit of research and gain as much knowledge as you can and think about what is most important to you, and you’ll be capable of making the right decision.
Realizing the true implementation of construction quality and luxury in its flats and apartments in Kerala, Veegaland Homes, the most reliable builder in Kerala has proven competence in the timely delivery of dream apartments in Kerala, built with state-of-the-art design and world-class amenities. 
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