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admin | March 23, 2021

Despite being the most important natural resource on which the whole world is relying, water presently has an increasing scarcity in several parts of the world. With the proper management of water being essential at this stage, it can be ensured by utilization of alternative water sources and rainwater harvesting has become increasingly practical in that aspect.

Although the degree of innovative methods might vary in rainwater harvesting across geographies, in its essentiality the process involves the direct collection of rainwater from the surface and diverting it to a storage tank, from where it’s used whenever needed.

Understanding the need of the hour and scope for water conservation, most of the builders and developers these days can be seen as investing in sustainable technology and infrastructure like rainwater harvesting. Let’s, therefore, check out some of the advantages of rainwater harvesting:

  • Promote an Eco-friendly living

The primary purpose of the rainwater harvesting system is the conservation of water and energy. And therefore the inhabitants or homebuyers of an apartment that has a rainwater harvesting system installed are part of sustainable practice and contributing to eco-friendly living.

Installing a rainwater harvesting system can reduce water consumption by at least 40% and allow it to be efficiently utilized for other purposes. With the majority of the population depending on the groundwater, it’s being overused and rainwater harvesting can compensate the same.

As the harvested rainwater is free from pollutants, chemicals and is capable enough to flush the salt buildup from plants and soil, it can also be used to improve plants and gardens contributing to the apartment’s landscaping needs.


  • Uninterrupted water supply

Installing a rainwater harvesting system in an apartment or home is an ideal choice as a water source, which in the form of a backup water supply, brings an end to water shortages and interrupted water supplies. Also when there are probable chances of water scarcity, the harvested water can be utilized for uninterrupted water supply for various purposes.

Acting as an independent water source, rainwater harvesting can be really helpful in areas where other water sources are unavailable. It can be used for various needs such as irrigation, non-potable and potable water use. The zero hardness of the harvested rainwater also provides many advantages and eliminates the scale build-up in household appliances that could occur with the use of water from other sources.


  • Low-cost maintenance

Another major advantages of rainwater harvesting is low cost maintenance. Rainwater harvesting is basically a process of collecting, filtering, storing, and using rainwater for irrigation and various other purposes. Rainwater harvesting system is less expensive, easy to implement, and require very less maintenance. The installation cost would be comparatively less if the system is incorporated along with the construction of the building itself.

The most common rainwater harvesting methods are Barrel harvesting, Dry system, Wet system, and green roof. Depending on the advancement in techniques and the materials used, the cost can vary. After all, the cost of the equipment and installation will be less, compared to the amount of water you save.


  • Reduced water bills

Apart from saving money through low-cost maintenance, rainwater harvesting also helps in saving a great deal of money spent on water bills. By starting to use the harvested rainwater for various purposes, you will be reducing or eliminating the use of municipal water, which can reduce your monthly water bills.

When an entire apartment project starts utilizing such a water harvesting facility, it indirectly affects an entire municipality in terms of water usage, cost of water supply, maintenance, and infrastructure replacement making the impact much larger. The same can reduce the long-term water development needs of a city, allowing the city to use existing water infrastructures more effectively.


  • A solution to urban flooding

Urban flooding is a specific type of condition in which a city or town is clover with water as the sewage and water drainage system of the city fails to drain all the incoming water, during heavy rainfalls. Having a rainwater harvesting system can prevent your home or apartment and the nearby areas from getting flooded during such severe circumstances.

Rainwater harvesting apart from providing a life-saving solution also helps to accumulate the additional rainwater which can be used as a renewable source of energy. It can also prevent water in the coastal areas from getting saline.


  • Can control soil erosion

Soil erosion is a severe environmental threat that is caused due to excessive rainfalls which can deplete the topsoil and nutrients of the agricultural land with the movement of water, and be carried away contributing to the degradation of agricultural land.

Along with urban flooding, installing a rainwater harvesting system that has the capacity of collecting large volumes of water can also reduce soil erosion considerably and improve soil water storage. It could therefore increase agricultural productivity, which could result in the more effective usage of land.

Evolving as an eco-friendly builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes supports all kinds of green initiatives that are beneficial for a sustainable future and design and build flats and apartments with eco-friendly means and state-of-the-art techniques. Our flats and apartments, therefore, have a rainwater harvesting system to facilitate green living.

Check out this video: which features Veegaland Homes’ General Manager of Projects, and Business Development, Mr. Bejoy AR, explaining the significance of rainwater harvesting.

Veegland Homes Green cloud apartment tower at Vazhakala has been constructed in such a manner that it collects every single raindrop and preserves it. Using time-tested and sophisticated rainwater harvesting techniques, we take the initiative to save water and do our best to avoid water scarcity in a metro city like Kochi.

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