6 Best Interior Textures For Any Home

6 Best Interior Textures For Any Home

Although essentially constructed with the purpose of sheltering and protecting us, the walls of our home can also stay as a canvas, upon which we can leave our own unique style signature and sparks of creativity. 
With so many centuries of trends and choices before us, a textured wall still continues to capture the eye of percipient designers and homeowners alike in recent times. From concrete to corrugated metal, corkboard to woodblocks, there are limitless materials and designing preferences to craft your personal paradise. Let’s, therefore, have a look at the 6 Best interior textures for any home curated by Veegaland Homes:

1. Built-in cabinetry 

Adding built-in cabinetry not online provides functional storage space to your interiors for linens, dinnerware, books, and other essentials, but will also bring a texture to the space.  Customizable for all spaces and dimensions, they can efficiently use the space and be seamlessly integrated into the specific home design.
Adding a distressed or glazed finish to the cabinets gives an instant texture and makes them appealing. Every gentle glaze has the potential of adding a bit of dimension to the cabinets and help in its detailing from their one-dimensional appearance. Varying colors, heavy brush strokes, and backsplash tiles can also provide additional layers of texture appeal.

2. Wallpaper 

Wallpaper is one of the best interior textures for any home. Wallpaper has always stayed as budget-friendly alternatives to add more color and texture to your interiors and create a different atmosphere and ambiance altogether. With the significant progress in new printing techniques, finishes, endless customization possibilities, and design preferences, the textured design is sure to make your interiors bolder and unique.
One-dimensional wallpapers belong to the past now and the various surfaces that can be printed on have also significantly increased with the technological advancements in printing. The textured style is a highly appreciated trend these days in wallpaper design which gives the walls a touch-me texture and makes the room feel softer and cozier.

3. Feature tiling 

Feature tiling can bring depth and point of interest to the interior styling and make a bold and chic statement. Textured tiles can bring a difference to an otherwise flat and lifeless room, as their shapes and patterns help to create a sense of movement and dimension.
Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, textured tiles also have a practical convenience. Their raised or embossed surfaces give them non-slip properties, enabling them to be the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Wave tiles, linear tiles, mosaic tiles, wood effect tiles, etc. are some of the different variations and styles to choose from. 

4. Paneling 

Another intriguing, emerging trend to quickly and affordably bring texture to the ambiance and look of an interior is textured wall panels. It has the capability to add visual interest and dimension to almost any space and accommodate nearly any decorating style; be it contemporary or modern.
Apart from transforming the overall aesthetics of the decor by adding an element of warmth, richness, and elegance, wall paneling can also be done to conceal any construction flaws or hide exposed wiring or hardware. Available in a variety of styles and materials, some of the best paneling materials available in the market are Natural wood panels, MDF, PVC, glass, and mirror, veneer, or laminate finish on plywood, upholstered, etc.

5. Furniture and accessories 

The furniture and accessories you choose for filling the empty spaces within your interior also have an excellent potential to incorporate different textures. Selecting furniture and accessories which blend with the theme of the house is one of the other best interior textures for any home.  Irrespective of the space (interior, exterior, or patio), furnishings that are durable, contemporary, and casual can bring in characteristics like consistency and dimension with them to the space.
Accessories such as mirrors, vases, sculptures, lamps, and ornaments can all bring in an interesting texture that can complement the different fabric choices you’ve made within the space and make a statement. 

6. Plants and flowers 

Choosing plants and flowers that have characteristics that will synchronize them with the other elements of your decor is another best interior textures for any home.  From frilly fronds to big bold leaves with catchy patterns or colors, these plants by providing additional visual interest can help in softening the overall ambiance of the interior and keep it life-like.
Even though there is a wide variety of plant and floral options to choose from,   considering aspects such as the level of care and commitment that you can give to the plant, the availability of light within the designated space for your plant, etc are some important aspects to consider while you are choosing an indoor plant.
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