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admin | March 25, 2020

Homes are no longer just four walls. What goes inside your four walls do matter when it comes to your comfort, economic aspects and the worth of your investment. The Hollow clay blocks which are known as Porotherm Bricks are designed to provide better efficiency, durability, ease of use while constructing houses, office buildings and other infrastructure facilities. These blocks of bricks are a host of many benefits which helps in cost-effective wall construction. These are largely produced and come in two types: Non-Load Bearing Clay Hollow Blocks and Load Bearing Clay Hollow Blocks.

Non-load bearing wall solution

Porotherm Horizontally Perforated Clay Bricks (Porotherm HP)
Porotherm HP clay hollow blocks are mainly used as infill masonry for non-load bearing wall construction. Porotherm HP is widely used across South India for the construction of Apartments, Independent Houses, Villas, Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Commercial Buildings, and warehouses. The product highly recommended for high rise apartment buildings.
Porotherm Thermobricks
Porotherm Thermobrick has developed with the principle of thermal insulation. This has made Thermobricks become a unique walling material. Such blocks are highly proficient that keeps the interiors cool in summer and warm in winter. Porotherm Thermobrick is the best available energy-efficient brick in the market.

Load-bearing wall solution

Porotherm Vertically Perforated Clay Hollow Bricks (Porotherm VP)
This hallmark product is designed to suit any building complex while construction and also easy to replace if needed. An original solution when it comes to cost-effective, safe and green construction practices.

  • A modern wall solution, it helps to save the expenditures spends on steel and concrete.
  • It allows buildings to be constructed without RCC frame structures.
  • They act as a perfect partner for Ground + 1-floor buildings.
  • The product is strong and 100% natural with thermal insulation property.
  • Helps in maintaining the indoor climate all year round.
  • High compressive strength enables load-bearing construction.
  • Savings of structural cost as the concept eliminates the columns.


Advantages of Porotherm Bricks

Some of the fundamental qualities that common to all the Porotherm products include:

  •  Lightweight (60% less weight than conventional walling material)
  • Strong & durable
  • High compressive strength
  • Excellent Thermal and Sound Insulation
  • Low water absorption, minimal risk of dampness, cracks or shrinkage of walls
  • Non-susceptible to carbonation thus providing greater durability

1.      Lightweight & faster construction

Porotherm Bricks are 60% lighter than conventional walling material which allows substantial savings on structural cost due. This also allows for faster construction and ease of handling.

2.      Comfortable and healthy living

Excellent thermal insulation which is 45% better when compared to other conventional construction materials. This leads to direct savings on energy consumption, air consumption, and heating devices.

3.      Natural & Green

The clay used in Porotherm production is sourced from the de-silting of dead water tanks and only natural additives like coal ash, rice husk and sawdust are used. It also has been credited by Indian Green Building Council for ratings.

4.      Strength & Use

High compressive strength due the web design means improved productivity in masonry. Allows easy alteration for electrical and plumbing conduits. This makes it simple to install all types of devices and wall-mounted electronics (geysers, air conditioners, cabinets, closets, etc).

5.      Unlimited life and maximum fire protection

Has an exceptionally long life, it doesn’t burn as it is already fired at 1000 degrees and has a fire rating of F240 – 240 minutes.

Veegaland Homes, one of the most reliable builders in Kochi, constructs most of their Apartments with Porotherm walls. These are not simply written on the handout manuals, but completely supervised to add it into the buildings. A range of 2 and 3 BHK apartments are already on the run with residents and few other ongoing projects are under the belt for Veegaland Homes. Buying a 2 bhk flat in Kochi or a 3 bhk apartment in Kochi has become a dream for every potential home buyer, but checking out what goes behind their dream home should also be a priority. Taking this into consideration, Veegaland Homes have laid out all that goes into their construction, stick to them and deliver on time.

Veegaland’s all ongoing projects are K-RERA registered – KingsFort | K-RERA/PRJ/031/2020, Zinnia| K-RERA/PRJ/038/2020, Exotica | K-RERA/PRJ/039/2020, Thejus | K-RERA/PRJ/040/2020, Bliss | K-RERA/PRJ/115/2020

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