Benefits of having a Reverse Osmosis System in an apartment

Benefits of having a Reverse Osmosis System in an apartment

What is Reverse Osmosis (R O)?

Reverse Osmosis is a process that separates a bulk of contaminants from unfiltered water by forcing the water under pressure through a semipermeable membrane.

During the process, the water flows from the more concentrated side of the R O membrane to the less concentrated side, thereby improving the quality and safety of water for both domestic and industrial purposes.

Various R O systems have different levels in regard to the number of filters they consist of. Now, let us have a look at the different benefits of having a Reverse Osmosis system in an apartment:


1. No more contaminants

The most significant benefit of having an R O System in your home or apartment is that you and your family will have easy access to pure clean water to drink every day.

Unlike various conventional filtration processes, RO systems are capable of removing even the smallest contaminant and different toxic components from the unfiltered water.

2. Water tastes better

Once cleared from all the impurities, chemicals, and remains, the filtered water after undergoing reverse osmosis is undoubtedly going to taste better than ever before.

The refreshing water that can be received directly from the tap do away with the time required for boiling and also the unpleasant metallic or chlorine tastes. It can also bring a huge difference to the meals that are prepared using it.

3. Health benefits

Although there are several home water purification systems that proclaim various health benefits, none can match the health benefits of the purified water from an R O system.

Capable of even getting rid of the tiniest contaminants and chemicals from the unfiltered water, you can feel at ease with what you are consuming, unlike the soft water systems which only remove hard contaminants and replace them with chemicals that are proven to have greater health risks.

4. Energy efficiency

R O systems relatively use a low amount of energy compared to conventional water treatment systems which make it the ideal purification system for those who want to consume lesser energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The energy efficiency also contributes to low electricity bills which makes it the optimal water purification solution for homes and apartments.

5. Space-saving and expandability

Constituting compact technology and instruments, installing an R O system at your home or apartment could also save you a lot of space and it also leaves scope for expanding according to future requirements.

6. Low maintenance

With the need for maintenance every six months or so, R O systems are relatively smooth to take care of compared to other existing water purification systems. Periodical replacement of the filter is one of the important things that have to be taken care of.

7. Cost-efficiency

An R O system installed at your home or apartment primarily saves you from spending on bottled drinking water or mineral water. Even though it may seem like a negligible amount initially, in the long run, the cost efficiency can really add up.

An R O system is also capable of providing you with pure water; a quality that most of these brands of bottled water only proclaim to have in the advertisements. Moreover, you will have reduced wastes (plastic) and will be directly contributing to reducing the carbon footprint.

8. Different levels of purification

In regard to the number of filters they have, different R O systems have various levels of purifications, with each being more intensive than the other. As a customer, you can choose the no of levels according to your preference and space availability.

Different levels of the filtration process will take the water through an intensive process in order to filter as much as possible and ensure supreme quality.

9. Environment friendly

Water bottles (plastic wastes) when not properly managed, disposed of, and recycled, can significantly contribute to global warming.

Using relatively less energy than conventional filtration methods, R O systems, and processes are not just energy-efficient, but they also reduce the need and use of water bottles (plastic) considerably and substantially contribute to a sustainable future.

Veegaland Homes flats and apartments in Kerala have highly efficient and environment-friendly water treatment plants that use Reverse Osmosis technology to deliver clean drinking water to the residents. Let’s watch the video in which Mr. Giri S Nair, Senior Manager at Veegaland Homes, explains the Reverse Osmosis system and water purification process at Veegaland Homes: View Video 

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