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Benefits of Purchasing an Apartment in The Launch Phase

Veegaland Homes | December 28, 2023
Benefits of Purchasing an Apartment in The Launch Phase<

In the dynamic world of real estate, terms like “pre-launch” and “new-launch” resonate with potential homebuyers and investors alike. These phases mark the inception of a property’s journey, capturing the attention of those seeking a fresh start in the housing market. While these terms are commonly used in property advertisements, they hold significant value for those looking to make a smart investment. In here Veegaland Homes explaining the benefits of purchasing new launch apartments.


Get the Best Price:

The dawn of a new property launch brings with it enticing price offers from builders eager to attract early investors. Fuelled by the competitive nature of the real estate market, sellers often present attractive early bird discounts during the launch phase. This opportune moment allows prospective homebuyers to book a new home at the most favourable price, offering a substantial financial benefit. Investing in newly launched projects becomes a strategic choice, whether one is considering real estate as an investment or seeking a fresh place to call home. Conducting market research may reveal that partially completed projects ready for occupancy often come with a higher price tag compared to those in the early launch phase. Therefore, choosing a new launch project becomes a savvy option for those aiming to acquire an affordable home. This is the first and important benefits of purchasing new launch apartments.


Securing Property Before Price Hike

Choosing a property during its launch phase comes with another significant advantage: the opportunity to lock in the current price before potential market-driven increases. In the real estate market, unpredictable price hikes often follow RERA certification. Opting for a newly launched project empowers buyers to secure their investment, shielding themselves from unforeseen price surges and ensuring they capitalize on the initial launch price. This is important because prices can rise due to increased demand, new developments nearby, higher labour and material costs, or changes in laws. By choosing a project that has recently started, buyers can save money, preparing for future expenses. Additionally, there’s potential to sell the property for a higher price later when it is ready to occupy, adding to its financial appeal.


Customization Options:

The launch phase presents buyers with a spectrum of units to choose from, empowering them to select a property that aligns with their specific needs and preferences. Unlike completed properties where customization options are limited, projects in the new launch phase offer flexibility in interior layouts and minor design alterations. This level of customization ensures that the property not only meets the buyer’s functional requirements but also resonates with their aesthetic preferences. For those looking to expand their investment portfolio or first-time homebuyers aiming for a wise and cost-effective investment, opting for a property during the launch phase is a strategic move.


Smart Investment with Best Deals:

Newly launched projects often come with attractive price discounts, making it an ideal time for both investors and homebuyers to explore budget-friendly options. Real estate developers strategically offer discounts during the initial phase of a project to entice potential buyers and investors. This phase provides an opportunity to secure a dream home at the lowest prices, making it an attractive prospect for those looking for budget-friendly investment opportunities. Smart investors recognize the value of capitalizing on these early deals, setting the stage for a potentially lucrative return on investment as property prices appreciate over time.


Simplified Payment Options:

The financial aspect of purchasing a property is a critical consideration for homebuyers. Buying a property during its launch phase often comes with schemes such as “No EMI Till Possession,” offering significant financial relief to buyers. With this scheme, homebuyers typically only need to make an initial payment of 20% of the total property value to the builder, and they are not required to pay any EMIs until the property is officially handed over. This arrangement allows for a more flexible financial approach and encourages timely completion of the project, as the builder assumes responsibility for paying the interest on the loan during this period. These are the common benefits of purchasing new launch apartments.


The decision to purchase an apartment during its launch phase unfolds a realm of benefits for both seasoned investors and first-time homebuyers. From securing the best price and blocking potential price hikes to enjoying customization options and simplified payment plans, the advantages are diverse and impactful. As urbanization accelerates, the real estate market becomes a playground for those seeking not just a home but a strategic investment. Embracing the launch phase offers a golden opportunity to unlock hidden treasures in the world of real estate, making homeownership a journey filled with financial wisdom and smart choices.

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