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admin | December 31, 2020

Irrespective of the love people have for their jobs, the necessity to get out of one’s professional limbo once in a while, in order to refresh body, mind, and soul not just make one happy, calm, and energized, but also have learned as having various health benefits associated with it.

With long vacations known to create fear in people of returning to a large amount of work, weekend getaways bring forth all the perks of staying off work and having fun with your friends and families.

Kerala is famous for its natural beauty and is indeed the “god’s own country”. But the best part of the state to offer a glimpse of its beautiful blending of natural landscapes and culture would be undoubtedly Thrissur. Are you a travel lover who is planning for a one-day trip near Thrissur? We have listed out some of the tourist places in Thrissur for a one-day trip. Let’s have a look:

1. Athirappilly Waterfalls

One of the most favorite tourist destinations in Kerala, Athirappilly waterfalls is located just 60 kilometers away from Thrissur. Originating from the Anamudi mountains of the upper western ghats, the Chalakkudi river falls at a height of 80 feet and is the largest waterfall in Kerala.

Located right at the beginning of the Sholayar forest range, in order to reach the waterfalls, one needs to hike a short distance downhill through the green forest and the same makes it an adventurous memory along with the splashes in the water.

Nicknamed as “The Niagra Falls of India”, Athirappilly waterfalls also have other names such as the “Bahubali waterfall” (a portion of the film being shot there) and “Punnagai Mannan Falls”.


2. Peechi Dam

Built as a reservoir for irrigation, Peechi Dam, located just 22 kilometers away from Thrissur town is now a popular attraction among the tourists and visitors as a fantastic spot with boating facilities as well.

Constructed across the Manali River, Peechi Dam, one of Kerala’s old dam is spread across an area of 3200 acres supplies drinking water to the town of Thrissur. Apart from the dam, there is a museum, swimming pool, and botanical garden as the major attractions here.

Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary situated near the dam is also worth visiting if you are a nature lover.


3. Chimmini Dam

Famous for its scenic landscape beauty, the Chimmini dam is located just 39 kilometers away from Thrissur town and is situated within the protected area of Chimmini wildlife sanctuary.
Built across the Chimmini river, the largest dam in Thrissur is surrounded by the dense tropical forests and hills of the Southern Western Ghats and is frequented by tourists as a picnic spot which also offers recreational activities such as trekking and boating.

The Chimmini wildlife sanctuary where you can spot animals such as elephants, sambars, sloth bears, barking deers, etc is just adjacent next to the dam.


4. Vilangan Hills

Famous for the view of Thrissur city that one can get from its peak, Vilangan Hill is a hillock located just 8 kilometers away from the Thrissur city. Frequented by tourists and a favorite picnic spot for the locals, it is nicknamed as the “Oxygen Jar” of Thrissur.

At a height of 80 meters above sea level, the destination also has an amusement park with various fun rides such as a pedal boat pool, wagon wheel, etc. and an 800-meter walkway lined with huge trees on both sides.


5. Chavakkad Beach

Famous for its ‘Azhimukam’ (estuary), Chavakkad beach situated 28 kilometers away from Thrissur city is one of the best beaches in Kerala and is a great place to swim, take a stroll and relax.

Along the coastline of the Arabian sea, the beach is bordered by lovely coconut groves and palm trees which offers a much-needed cool ambiance to its visitors and is less commercially active, unlike other famous beaches. The lighthouse nearby is an additional attraction.


6. Snehatheeram Beach

Another fine beach in Thrissur, Snehatheeram Beach (Love Shore) situated 24 kilometers away from Thrissur city is a perfect spot for families and friends to hang out on a weekend evening.

Lying on the coast of the Arabian Sea, the beach was once selected as the best beach tourism destination in Kerala by the Kerala Tourism Department and is frequented by tourists every season. Adjacent to the beach, there is a children’s park, an aquarium, garden, and a tiled walkway as additional attractions.

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