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Biophilic Architecture in Urban Homes – How Nature is Integrated into Everyday Living

Veegaland | May 18, 2023
Biophilic Architecture in Urban Homes – How Nature is Integrated into Everyday Living<

The Biophilic Architecture in Urban Homes approach in construction seeks to build a soulful connection between nature and our daily lives. Incorporating the green into built environment, biophilic-designed buildings provide a productive, serene and healthy state of being just as in nature with natural ventilation, landscape features and other elements. The concept has proven to benefit human as well as environmental health and biophilic design is quickly gaining traction today.


Significance Of Biophilic Architecture in Urban Homes

Biophilic design is celebrated as an ideal fusion of urban lifestyle, technology and environment. Living in a concrete jungle with the least exposure to nature and its delights, biophilic homes build a green niche to enable you feel nature even in crowded cities.

Nature is an integral part of our well-being and, increasing urbanization contributes greatly to pollution, climate change and the health issues which it causes. Further, the pandemic invasion strengthened the need to make home a safe, cosy and elevating space to live in. Following the pandemic outbreak, remote working demanded a more balanced, productive, and stimulating home-work setting. Integrating nature into everyday living gained popularity as an effective solution to these effects caused upon life.


Benefits Of Biophilic Design

1. Circadian rhythm: Exposure to natural light throughout the day aids in the regulation of your circadian rhythm, potentially allowing you to feel more rested and less stressed.

2. Promotes healing: Biophilic design in healthcare facilities has improved postoperative recovery time for patients.

3. Enhances productivity: Decreased harsh lighting and more natural light, contribute to an increase in work productivity.

4. Reduce stress: Regular exposure to nature may help reduce your heart rate and blood pressure, both of which are related to stress.

A biophilic home goes much beyond pleasing aesthetics and creating a convenient atmosphere. Green infrastructure can help reduce CO2 emissions, boost biodiversity, and even regulate the temperature inside living spaces. Such well-planned, urban habitats function as sustainable machines, breathing life, and doing their part to tackle a global problem.


How Biophilic Architecture in Urban Homes Are Made

Biophilic Architecture in Urban Homes bringing nature inside: Biophilic design incorporates natural elements into interior environments. Skylights, which provide natural light; green walls which are covered with living plants; and also fountains or ponds to bring in the presence of water, are all common biophilic design components.

Replicating the patterns of nature: Biophilic design mimics nature’s patterns and forms. Natural patterns and geometric shapes serve as inspiration for infrastructure and architecture. For example, you may frame windows in a honeycomb pattern or build walls to resemble the curvature of a wave.

Growing a lot of green: Primary feature of a biophilic building’s structure is landscaping. Rooftop gardens or balcony gardens, stairwells lined with trees and bushes and atriums allow sunlight to flow into the interiors.

Nature’s own materials: Biophilic homes utilise natural materials such as wood and stone to manufactured materials such as plastics or polished metals. Natural materials reflect the natural flow and progression of age.


Home Where Wellness Resides!

Every project of Veegaland Homes reflects the builders’ affinity towards green architecture. Our inaugural project Green Clouds marked a new approach to construction that Kerala hasn’t witnessed before. This ultra-luxury sky villa project in Vazhakkala is a perfect example of a biophilic urban home. With open verandas and gardens on each floor, maximum sunlight and fresh air come in with a brilliant ambience created. Veegaland KingsFort, Vyttila, Veegaland Zinnia, Kakkanad, Veegaland Exotica, and Edappally are ready to move into apartments in Kochi that adhere to biophilic design concepts. Ongoing projects Veegaland Springbell, Kakkanad and Veegaland Thejus, Ayyanthole, Apartments in Thrissur incorporates a range of biophilic features with premium luxury features. Our latest launches, Veegaland Elanza, Kuriachira Flats for sale in Thrissur and Veegaland Symphony, Chevayur Flats in Kozhikode focus on nurturing an elevating connection with the natural world with green architecture.


Veegaland Homes, The most trustable builders in Thrissur and Kochi, Our apartments are well known for sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices intervened with luxury features and upscale amenities. Three-side ventilation enables Veegaland apartments to breathe fresh air in living spaces. Exterior walls with Porotherm bricks provide maximum strength and heat insulation. Apart from that, unlike many urban projects, we have green facilities such as rainwater harvesting, solar power system for energy efficiency, strong policies on waste management with bio bins for composting biodegradable wastes and incinerators for large-scale combustion. Plastic wastes are sent to recycling. If you are looking for a modern home that brings in the beauty and cosiness of nature, Veegaland Homes, the practitioners of biophilic urban homes is the best pick.

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