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How Sewage Treatment Plant and its usage benefits apartment buildings

admin | May 2, 2022
How Sewage Treatment Plant and its usage benefits apartment buildings<

Sewage Treatment Plant or STP, process and treat wastewater (household sewage), removing all the contaminants from it, and breaking it down to produce environmentally safe treated wastewater (treated effluent). Sewage treatment includes physical, chemical, and biological methods to remove these contaminants to create a cleaner effluent that can be reused.

Even though the main objective of Sewage treatment is to produce an effluent that is suitable for discharged back into the environment, the treated effluent or water has several benefits in housing societies such as apartments, and let’s have a look at those:


 1. Provides clean, safe water processed

A Sewage Treatment Plant process and treat wastewater (household sewage), removing all the micro-organisms, and other contaminants from it to provide clean, safe processed water that can be reused.

The treated water can be used for non-potable purposes such as gardening, washing cars, construction, toilet flushing, etc.


 2. Cost-effective

Setting up a Sewage treatment plant in an apartment isn’t as expensive as one might think. Moreover, a regularly maintained and routinely used wastewater treatment system can function for up to 15 years and save you a considerable amount in the long term. You can also avail of grants and other forms of financial aid that are made available by the government.


 3. Time-efficient

We are no longer living in an age where sewage is removed manually by workers; which used to be a time-consuming and tough process. Modern technology has transformed sewage treatment into a smooth and swift process, requiring very minimal manpower, hence making it a lot more time-efficient than the manual process.


 4. Requires less space

In contrast to the popular notion, setting up a sewage treatment plant requires less space which makes it a lot more convenient to be set up anywhere. Their compatibility also makes them easy to be transported, while you are shifting or needs the system to be moved elsewhere.


 5. Simple and easy installation

Having no complex structures, sewage treatment plants are simple and easy to install. They can even be installed above the ground level which makes them convenient and reliable. However, it’s common that most of the multi-storied apartment complexes that have sewage treatment plants would have them deep underground.


 6. Reliable performance

Another remarkable aspect about the advanced sewage treatment plants that come with proven technology is their reliable performance post-installation, without causing many problems.

Modern wastewater systems with Liquid-solid separation systems and aerobic systems also last much longer than the older models.


 7. Preserve the natural environment against pollution

Sewage treatment plant is one of the eco-friendly practice that we can apply to serve the nature. One of the most significant benefits of the sewage treatment plant is minimizing the negative impact on the environment by the removal of the chemicals and toxins from the wastewater.

A high-quality wastewater treatment system is therefore undoubtedly an important investment for the future.


 8. Reduces risk to public health 

Treating the wastewater using sewage treatment plants eliminates various disease-causing bacteria and micro-organisms by killing them and filtering them before the wastewater leaves the tank and enters the ground.

This filtering process prevents diseases from being acquired from the water sources and then transmitted to humans, animals, and plants.


 9. Saves water

As the sewage treatment plant produces an effluent that is suitable to be discharged back into the environment or be reused for various non-potable purposes, the process actually saves a lot of water and is undoubtedly great in that aspect.


 10. Low operation and maintenance

Modern wastewater systems are designed and built to last longer requiring very little maintenance, which reduces the operational and maintenance expenses considerably. The major maintenance task would be the de-sludging of the septic tank, which will again depend on the usage and the frequency of the inspections.


Sewage Treatment Plants are undoubtedly a significant investment for a sustainable future. Veegaland Homes, one of the most reliable eco-friendly builders in Kerala design and build apartments with a dedicated sewage treatment plant in place. Our housing projects also have an effective waste management system in place that ensures the proper disposal of garbage without damaging the ecosystem. Watch the video of Mr. Giri S Nair, Senior Manager at Veegaland Homes, explains waste management process at Veegaland KingsFort : Waste Management at Veegaland Homes Explained

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