How to find the right tenants for your apartment in Kochi?

How to find the right tenants for your apartment in Kochi?

The city of Cochin is growing to be a worthier shot for youngsters to move to and began a career of their free will. This is mainly because the city has multiple ranges of openings in all the possible sectors. Let that be in Engineering, Films, Government Jobs or even Self-Employed Businesses. So, people who are coming into the city have to have a place of residence. This is the point where people start searching for flats/apartments for rent in Kochi.
Veegaland Homes, the most trusted and reliable builder in Kochi, has apartments all over the city, and many homebuyers have leased the place for new tenants and they follow a strict routine to accept the requester. But during the time of lending out a place, do we know how to decide on the right tenant?
As a house owner, it may take a while to find the right person while we patiently wait, but still, it’s worth putting the right tenant in our apartment rental. There are few things to consider for potential renters. Consider these following qualities while deciding the right person for your place:

Quick Background Check

The first and foremost thing to do is to search for the background of potential tenant of your Apartment in Kochi. Arguably there is no room for error here now. This includes where they come from, their criminal background if any such thing, you can see whether he/she has put up at any other place before. You can check with the previous leaser about them. Also, understand the person’s financial setup. Check to see the amount they’ve paid for the previous place.

Being on Time

Consider you been waiting to show the person around the house and they skip the appointment you’ve arranged and come in so late, this leaves you with a bad impression on the person. As a house owner, you must consider the tenant being timely and stick to his matters. Or maybe even without noticing it, you might be stuck with instructing the person about timings and curfews. Arriving late and having excuses for doing so, shows that the person doesn’t respect your time. For establishing a landlord-tenant relationship and sailing smoothly into the further future, it is important to start on the right foot, and being late to appointments is not the proper way to begin. So, if you are ready to move or lent a 2bhk apartment in Kochi or a 3bhk apartment in Kochi, you have to consider arriving at the right time for the appointment.

Exchanges during the Interview

Having a face-to-face sit down with the potential renter is important to get to know more about the person and his/her in general. You can witness the person’s personality traits yourself and see what he’s lacking as a tenant. Does he communicate well-enough or is he/she got any health issues you must know of, etc? Understand whether they thoughtfully answer your questions or get aggressive or argumentative when asked a question they don’t like. These are some important notes because remember, you will have an ongoing relationship with this person.

Providing the Right Documents

You need to get your hands on the documents you have asked for and make sure the tenant submit it at the right time. Because if you don’t, things might get a little delay. Cross-check the identification with the details they’ve provided. The faster they get their documents to you, the better. It shows that they are serious about signing the lease and don’t want to waste your time or theirs.


As the house-owner, you have to make sure the tenant has paid the exact money you’ve asked for. In the city of Kochi, it is usually an advance of three months of rent, which will be returned to the tenant once the lease runs out. Also, make sure you’ve paid your cut for brokerage. 

No Financial Excuses

Once you allow the person to start living at the place you have to keep an eye on their timing of providing the rent and maintenance fee for the month. Don’t let them take control over you and never allow any financial excuses. 


Before letting the person start at your leased place, you can go find some people who would refer to him. Like if the person is employed you can connect with the tenant’s manager and see what he/she got to tell you. If they are studying you can ask for a reference letter from the concerning educational institution or the department with which they are associated. Speaking to employers, friends, and other personal references is a great way to understand the person better.


Once the person is ready to occupy your apartment in kochi, you must make the person understand the neighbourhood. If your place comes under an association you must make sure he/she understand the regulations that are followed in the place. If there is some misunderstanding between both parties, then it will spoil your reputation as well.
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