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admin | March 24, 2020

Experiencing a comfortable livelihood depends on many factors, ranging from a positive attitude to designing the interiors of your home and to coping up with the neighborhood where you live. These elements which direct your everyday life must be taken into consideration while choosing a home or an apartment.

In a budding cosmopolitan city like Cochin, the opportunity to secure the right place for you and your family is easy now. Veegaland Homes a synonym to quality and trust, offers you a wide range of 2 and 3 bhk apartments in kochi to meet your expectations.  One of the finest amongst these projects is the ongoing construction of the residential tower in Vyttilla, namely Kings Fort. A place which comes with premium quality living and leisure at its best, Kings Fort offers a refined lifestyle without any worries.

It’s easy to get a mixed up in the middle of looking for a perfect home that completes everything on your wish list, but real estate experts say it’s more important to pay close attention to the neighborhood. In this case, while considering Kings Fort, which has all the modern amenities, one should also need to know about the place where it situates. Cochin is a place where everyday life’s been gifted with world-class opportunities and the cultural movement of the city with the rightful people gains trust among buyers. In Vyttilla which is a cultural center of Cochin have all the facilities a family required. The best part is that Kings Fort is constructed around this place

One thing which is very important before stepping into buying a place is doing research about the place surrounded. This has to be deep and thorough. You can go out yourself and see all the facilities which are nearby and check with the homeowners association to know about the range of people. There are few websites also which provide information.
While coming to Kings Fort, it is important to notice these services and other locations around:

Quality of a good Schooling system in the area should be noted. It is a great investment to have a place near to a well-functioning educational institution. Schools situated near to Kings Fort:

  • VIBGYOR: International Pre-School
  • SNVSUP School
  • KMUP School
  • SDKY Gurukula Vidyalaya
  • Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir

Now it’s concerning the lifestyle of a family or say a newly married couple starting their family, the neighborhood in Eroor is an ideal choice. There are parks, open spaces, trails, proximity to shopping and dining and can catch a few local attractions as well. As long as you have your Google map working, you can indulge in some scenic and nature-filled places next to Kings Fort.
One of the important features of buying an apartment in Kings Fort marks the togetherness of people living closely as a family. Veegaland homes promote the idea of community living and in all the projects they have included this attractive element. This applies not just to the people living in the same apartment space, but people of the neighborhood too.

Now you can also come and visit the project at your availability. Veegaland homes, one of the most reliable builders in Cochin welcome every potential homebuyer to visit its “nearing completion” project Kings Fort. Kingsfort also allows you to experience your dream home at its best with fully furnished, fully loaded “sample apartment”. To visit the sample apartment, please call +91 9746542222.

Veegaland’s all ongoing projects are K-RERA registered – KingsFort | K-RERA/PRJ/031/2020, Zinnia| K-RERA/PRJ/038/2020, Exotica | K-RERA/PRJ/039/2020, Thejus | K-RERA/PRJ/040/2020, Bliss | K-RERA/PRJ/115/2020

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