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admin | June 23, 2020

If you live in a flat or an apartment in Kochi, you need to understand the living circumstances and the society you are a part of. There can be people from different sectors, demography and background of the society. So as a homebuyer in Kochi, you have to consider living under the same roof with different other families and individuals. To take care of the day-to-day system and to run smooth and secure living conditions, Residents Association in apartments play a vital role. In most apartments in Kochi, there is a concurrent association formed by the tenants and house-owners of the residential apartment project. Veegaland homes is no excuse and consider this practice to have a lot of benefits as well.

But do the association in general and the residents know the real importance of an association in apartments and flats in kochi? No worries, we will answer all what’s and whys, where the association can get involved:

  • Belonging as a Community:

The primordial concept of an association in a residential building is to have the feel of belonging in a trusted community. The group of people who’d rather participate in community living comes from all different backgrounds. These people were coordinately placed under a group and share harmonies with each other. The apartments association should be dealing with the residents with a written book of rules to be followed, which should be working out in favor of everyone. This way the commune enriches. Veegaland Homes, best builder in Kerala, supports the idea of community living and co-existing and stands by side with the needs of the associations in each of their ventures.


  • Confirming the Rights of the Residents:

In an apartment in Kochi, association is deeply involved and committed to making sure each of the residents is following the code of ethics and rules put forward to them. As a commune, this needs to be addressed. In every residential place, there would be families, women, kids, people with special needs and cares and the elderly, so the association should make sure that the regulations should be flexible according to each person. There might be people working very late at night and in a place like Kochi, with Infopark and Multinational companies, there are residents in most of the apartments in kochi working a late shift. So the association should make considerable changes for them in timings. So keeping this as an example, there are other matters a residential association should bring in and cut out while preparing a rulebook.


  • Maintaining a Relationship with the Builder:

Establishing and maintaining a good relationship on behalf of all the residents in the building should be taken into account by the association. This helps on a different level. In each of the residential apartments built by Veegaland Homes, the association makes sure this particular “reaching out” goes smoothly. One such example would be the recently National Safety Council awarded KingsTown apartment of Veegaland Homes in Tripunithura. The residential association is running each division so programmed and coordinated easily with Veegaland Homes for further development. The safety measures, instructions to maintain waste management and other amenities and providing essential manpower and such related tasks were regularly informed by the association and Veegaland Homes provides them accordingly.


  • Acceptance and Resolutions:

This is very important when it comes to bringing together a group of people. An association works as a government or a body of regulation that undertakes specific duties to maintain peace and happiness among people who lives in an apartment or flats in kochi. This is the case with an association and the association should make unanimous decisions when it comes to addressing issues and bringing in development strategies. This works out only when the residents choose appropriate people for the right positions. An association should accept each resident’s view and standpoint on a particular subject and call-out meetings periodically to analyze and proceed. The association also can intervene as a third-party to resolve disputes between residents and maintain peace among them.


  • Responsible Management:

Proper way to structure and organize an association in a 2bhk or 3bhk apartments in Kochi is to select the right people to run the management. The essential behind well-organized management is to have people with quality. So often in Kochi, there are people from almost every section of the age group and profession serving in the management of a residence committee. This helps in understanding and addressing the needful situations of the residents in a simplistic manner. Also, women draw an essential part in doing their bit in an association. There should be more than 2 or 3 women representatives in the management panel of the association in every apartments in Kochi.

These are some generic criteria and ideas a residential association carries with them. Note that each association varies from place to place, and people to people. There are ups and downs for management working with different sets of people, but as a commune, when people come together for a good cause, there will be positivity at the end. At these times of crisis, it is important to notice the work of each association to provide a safe and secure place for the residents. These are some of the

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