The 7 most popular flooring options for your new custom home

The 7 most popular flooring options for your new custom home

Choosing the right flooring for your custom-built home involves one of the most important decision-making process, as the floor coverings can bring style, comfort and warmth to your home.
With today’s diverse market providing home-owners with a lot more options & types of flooring & types of flooring materials to choose from, the process can even get quite confusing. For that reason, Veegaland Homes, the most trusted builders in Kerala have explored below the 7 most popular flooring materials offered to help you narrow down your choices:

1. Hardwood  
Hardwood is an all-time favourite flooring material, as it excels in providing both style and durability while also ensuring your home’s resale value. With a wide variety of woods, patterns and stains available, hardwood has many visual prospects.
Hardwood floor can also be sanded and stained, which ensures it’s aesthetic quality over a long period of time, which also allows you to work on different themes and looks for the home. 

2. Composite Wood
Composite wood or engineered wood is made by compressing plywood together and adding a hardwood film over it. Composite wood would be ideal flooring material for the ones who cannot afford hardwood, but yet would like to have it’s look and feel.
Comparatively, composite wood typically costs less per square foot than hardwood and is relatively easy to install as well. With the exposed top layer being hardwood, it is important to use the same maintenance routine as for a hardwood floor and as the compressed plywood underneath is susceptible to damages, care should be given to avoid high heels on it’s floor.

3. Vinyl
Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring material choices these days, especially for high-traffic rooms as it’s cost-effective, durable and easy to maintain. Unlike in the past, vinyl available in the market at present can visually mimic a large variety of surfaces, making it a popular choice with home-owners on a budget.
The easy to clean and maintain material is available in large sheets and is ideal for moisture prone areas like the basements, bathrooms, kitchens and the laundry room. Available in a variety of colors, dimensions and thicknesses, vinyl can help to acoustically soften a room compared to other types of flooring options.

4. Tile
Tile is no more just a material for high moisture environments, but also popularly used as the best flooring option for the entire home, due its durability, elegance and ability to be cut and shaped into custom patterns.
Available in ceramic, porcelain and natural stone, tile offers more visual design options than ever before with its colors, shades and textures. Due to it’s durability and water resistant characteristics, tile is a great flooring choice for high-traffic areas as well as for kitchens and bathrooms.

5. Linoleum  
Linoleum is a flooring option for the ones who are concerned about the environment. Made from natural materials including rosins, linseed oil and wood flour, with no effects to forests and environment, Linoleum also has bacterial properties which hamper the growth of microorganisms. 
The eco-friendly, biodegradable flooring material is also a great option for high-traffic areas of the house like kitchen, living rooms etc. and are also easy to maintain and is very durable and can take so much roughness. 

6. Carpeting
With a wide variety of designs, colors and patterns to choose from, carpeting is one of the most favourite flooring options for many new homeowners. Apart from being one of the most comfortable flooring surfaces to walk and stand on, carpeting also excels at insulating a room and also has acoustic characteristics.
Made of either natural or manufactured fibres, carpets are durable but prone to attracting dust and dander with frequent cleaning a necessity. Carpets also require higher maintenance compared to other floor types such as vinyl and tiles. 

7. Laminate Flooring
Consisting of four layers of melamine-based materials fused into one, Laminates offers a wide range of visual options such as hardwood, tile and stone. With its ability to accurately mimic a large variety of materials, textures and surfaces, Laminate is any home-owners dream.
Apart from being one of the most cost-effective flooring options available, laminate is extremely durable and is suitable for use in all types of rooms. Laminates are also resistant to dents, scratches or stains.
Thriving as the most trusted builder in Kerala, Veegaland Homes design, and build homes that are outfitted with modern technology to realize fine living for its occupants or home-buyers. Veegaland Homes RERA registered apartments in Kochi have sample homes ready to offer first-hand experience to the interested buyers. To know more visit:

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