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This is Why Thrissur is the Right Place to Invest in an Apartment

Veegaland | January 4, 2023
This is Why Thrissur is the Right Place to Invest in an Apartment<

The location is without (a) doubt one of the most determining factors in the affordability, availability, and demand of not just apartments in Thrissur, but of any kind of housing project. The real estate industry is so location-specific that once the significance of a location is accepted, it turns into a prime investment destination within a short period of time.

With a strategic positioning at the exact geographic center of Kerala, Thrissur is one of the thriving commercial hubs in Kerala, currently witnessing a boom in the real estate sector. In this background, Veegaland Homes, one of the most reputed builders in Kerala have various apartments in Thrissur will try to explain through this blog – Why Thrissur is the right place to invest in an apartment!


  1. Excellent connectivity

Not every city in Kerala has the excellent connectivity benefits offered by Thrissur. Positioned at the exact geographic center of the god’s own country, Thrissur city is the most convenient real estate destination owning Apartments in Thrissur Is best investment, if you’re someone, whose personal or professional life demands you travel to either side of the state very often.

The city has excellent connectivity by road and rail networks connecting both ends of the state.


  1. The cultural environment

World-famous for its cultural richness with the ‘land of festivals’ label, Thrissur plays host to a variety of religious, cultural, and art festivals and several traditional art forms.

Homeground to the legendary Thrissur Pooram, the vibrant city with its historical and cultural significance, attracts hundreds of visitors from all over the world, making it one of the most happening cities in Kerala.


  1. Comfortable weather conditions

The weather conditions in and around Thrissur city are ideal for city dwellers who like to have a cool and comfortable year-round. Maintaining the right balance between nature and urban development, the temperature of the city never goes too high or down, contributing to the stability of one’s comfortable modern living.

Surrounded by natural greenery you can wake up every morning breathing fresh air and enjoying the charming chirping of birds and the cool breeze.


  1. Robust IT Hub

Home to one of Kerala’s largest IT hubs, Thrissur unlike other IT hubs of the state has not fallen victim to the oversaturation of the real estate market. Still, in its prime robust phase, the city has a lot more to offer and its potential for development and innovative infrastructure are yet to be explored.


  1. Graceful amenities

Thrissur city is progressing with compelling shopping facilities (Selex Mall, Mall of Joy, Sobha City Mall, Hi-Lite Mall, City Centre, Falcon City Mall, etc) business centers, multi-specialty hospitals (Amala Institute of Medical Sciences, Aswini Hospital, Elite Mission Hospital, Jubilee Mission Hospital, etc) schools, and popular landmarks.

The city is also home to three medical colleges, and other prestigious educational institutions such as the Kerala University of Health Sciences, Kerala Agricultural University, Government Engineering College – Thrissur (GECT), and the historic Sree Kerala Varma College signifying the city’s long prominence on education.


  1. Prominent tourist hub

Thrissur Pooram is not the only tourist attraction or happening in the city. There are many other less-explored and exotic locations in and around Thrissur, existing as a contradiction to the over-crowded annual temple festival.

Chimmini Dam, Peechi Dam, Poomala Dam, Snehatheeram beach, Marottichal waterfalls, etc are destinations that can be reached through a short drive from the city offering greenery and scenic beauty. Vilangan Hills and the State Museum and Zoo in the heart of the city are other ideal weekend spots for children and families.


  1. Assured Return On your Investments

With the real estate market of the city yet to be explored, the potential and trends of a growing city like Thrissur are going to be massive and transformational in the near future. The exponential growth over the years is undoubtedly going to create a surge in the demand for properties, thereby assuring investors a better Return On their Investments.

Choosing trustable builders in Kerala like Veegaland Homes for buying apartments in Thrissur can therefore further ensure that your investment will earn you guaranteed returns.

Thejus and Elanza, The  apartments  Thrissur by Veegaland Homes located at Ayyanthole and Kuriachira is a green-oriented, technology-driven apartment. Our apartments guarantee top-notch standards for homeowners who are ready to upgrade, invest, and settle in the cultural capital of Kerala.

To learn more about ongoing and upcoming apartments in Thrissur, visit:


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