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Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes : A Strategic Investment for IT Professionals

Veegaland Homes | September 4, 2023
Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes : A Strategic Investment for IT Professionals<

Trivandrum’s Biophilic Urban Homes: A Strategic Investment for IT Professionals

In the heart of Trivandrum, a new residential landmark is rising – the Veegaland Green Capitol. This exceptional project stands as a testament to the seamless integration of modern living with the tranquility of nature. In this blog, we delve into the myriad features that make Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes – Veegaland Green Capitol a true embodiment of luxury, comfort, and sustainable design.


As the world moves towards sustainable living and harmonious urban development, the concept of biophilic design has emerged as a game-changer in the real estate landscape. In the heart of this movement lies Trivandrum, a city that not only celebrates nature but also embraces innovation. If you’re an IT professional seeking a smart investment that resonates with your values and aspirations, investing in a biophilic urban home in Trivandrum should be at the top of your list. This blog explores the myriad reasons why this choice is a strategic move, combining proximity to opportunities, cultural vibrancy, and the allure of biophilic design.


Embracing the IT Crowd

Trivandrum has carved a niche for itself as a hub for IT and technological advancement. With the iconic Technopark at its heart, the city offers a wealth of opportunities for professionals in the IT sector. By investing in a biophilic urban home in Trivandrum, you’re not just securing a physical space; you’re anchoring yourself to a thriving ecosystem of innovation and growth. Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes – Green Capitol is strategically located close to the Technopark, making your daily work-life hassle-free.


Upcoming Opportunities

The horizon for Trivandrum is brimming with possibilities. As India’s IT industry continues to evolve, Trivandrum is positioning itself as a strategic player in the game. Investing in a biophilic urban home now is an astute move, ensuring you’re well-positioned to leverage the forthcoming technological and economic advancements that the city is poised to witness.


Cultural Tapestry and Proximity

Trivandrum isn’t just about tech; it’s a city that pulses with culture, heritage, and a modern heartbeat. The strategic location of your Green Capitol biophilic urban home at Aakkulam, allows you to seamlessly transition from work to cultural indulgence. Imagine mornings spent amidst lush greenery and evenings exploring the vibrant cultural scene, all while being conveniently close to Technopark’s innovation epicenter.


The Lure of Lulu Mall and Kazhakkoottam

Your investment in a biophilic urban home places you within proximity to the iconic Lulu Mall, a destination that offers shopping, entertainment, and a gourmet experience second to none. Additionally, the emerging urban center of Kazhakkoottam opens doors to retail, lifestyle, and leisure opportunities, ensuring that convenience and indulgence are integral to your lifestyle.


Harmony Between Nature and Design

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in Veegaland’s biophilic urban home in Trivandrum is the seamless fusion of nature and design. Imagine waking up to sunlight filtering through lush foliage, enjoying fresh air from your balcony, and feeling rejuvenated by the gentle sound of rustling leaves. Biophilic design ensures that your living space nurtures your well-being, promoting health, creativity, and tranquility.


A Long-Term Vision

Investing in a Veegaland Homes biophilic urban home isn’t just about the present; it’s a visionary move that secures your future. The combination of Trivandrum’s growing IT prominence, cultural richness, and the innate connection to nature sets the stage for a rewarding and fulfilling life journey.


Investing in Biophilic Urban Homes in Trivandrum: A Gateway to Innovation and Nature


Porotherm Bricks: Strength and Insulation

The exterior walls of Veegaland Green Capitol apartments in Trivandrum are built using Porotherm bricks, ensuring not only maximum strength but also exceptional heat insulation. These innovative bricks create a sturdy envelope, fortifying your home against external elements while maintaining optimal indoor temperatures.


Texture Exterior Walls: Aesthetic Appeal

The texture-finished exterior walls of Veegaland Green Capitol aren’t just functional; they are a sight to behold. Each glance at these walls is a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and the commitment to delivering aesthetic excellence.


Natural Ventilation: A Breath of Fresh Air

In a world where fresh air is a luxury, Veegaland Homes Green Capitol thrives on natural ventilation. The construction design promotes the free flow of fresh air and ample daylight, creating an environment that rejuvenates both the body and the spirit.


UPVC Balcony Doors: A Gateway to Serenity

Your connection to the outdoors is enhanced through UPVC glazed balcony doors. Ventilators, crafted from powder-coated aluminum sections, allow for optimal airflow, seamlessly blending the boundaries between indoor comfort and outdoor serenity.


Electronic Lock for Apartment Main Door: Convenience Meets Security

Home security receives a futuristic upgrade with electronic locks for apartment main doors. This smart solution allows you to control home access through a single locking device, ensuring the highest levels of privacy and security.


Air-Conditioned Indoor Games Hall: Endless Entertainment

The state-of-the-art, air-conditioned indoor games hall is a haven for entertainment enthusiasts. Whether it’s a game of skill or a leisurely activity, this dedicated space offers endless opportunities to unwind and have fun.


Video Door Phone: Smart Surveillance

Veegaland Green Capitol introduces the convenience of a video door phone. This intelligent device offers easy outdoor and guest surveillance, allowing you to see and communicate with visitors without being physically present at the door.


Open Air Yoga Space: Nurturing Well-Being

Elevate your yoga practice amidst nature’s embrace in the open air yoga space. This serene environment sets the stage for holistic well-being, connecting your mind, body, and spirit with the rejuvenating energy of nature.


Kitchen & Work Area: Convenience and Provisions

Thoughtful provisions in the kitchen and work area ensure a seamless living experience. From sink and tap provisions to hot water access, washing machine, and dishwasher provisions, every detail is designed with your comfort in mind.


Generator Backup: Uninterrupted Convenience

Generator backup for common facilities, lifts, and lighting ensures uninterrupted convenience. With ACCL installed in each apartment, power backup is seamlessly integrated into your daily life.


Floor and Car Parking: Spaces That Reflect You

Vitrified tiles grace the living, dining, and bedroom floors, while ceramic tiles define the kitchen, work area, toilets, and balconies. Exclusive visitors’ car parking adds to the convenience of your lifestyle.


Reticulated LPG: Convenience in Every Corner

Reticulated LPG connections with individual metering bring convenience to every corner of Veegaland Green Capitol. Your culinary experiences are elevated by this thoughtful provision.


Painting and TV Point: Aesthetic Flourish and Entertainment

Interior walls and ceilings receive the elegant touch of putty, primer, and emulsion. Weather coat exterior emulsion and texture finish adorn the external walls. A dedicated TV point in the living room caters to your entertainment needs.


Fire Fighting and Electrical Amenities: Safety and Connectivity

Fire-fighting arrangements adhere to NBC and Kerala fire-fighting norms, ensuring safety is paramount. Electrical amenities, including concealed wiring, superior quality insulation, and modular switches, provide the connectivity you deserve.


Toilet and Lifts: Comfort and Accessibility

Water-efficient fixtures define the toilets, while three fully automatic high-speed lifts guarantee seamless accessibility throughout Veegaland Homes Green Capitol.


Air-Conditioning and Telephone Facility: Enhanced Comfort and Connectivity

Energized split AC points with AC in bedrooms and living rooms bring enhanced comfort to every corner. The provision for a landline and intercom facility in the living room ensures seamless communication.


RO Treated Water and Eco-Friendly Practices: Sustainability at Its Core

Veegaland Green Capitol , The Luxury flats for sale in Trivandrum places emphasis on sustainable practices. The project features sufficient capacity for underground and overhead water tanks, treated water for domestic use, and an RO water connection in the kitchen. Eco-friendly initiatives include rainwater harvesting, a grid-connected solar system, incinerator and bio-bin waste management, and ultra-filtration in STP.


As the world gravitates towards sustainable and innovative living, investing in a biophilic urban home in Trivandrum encapsulates the essence of this movement. It’s not just an investment in real estate; it’s an investment in your values, aspirations, and well-being. With the perfect blend of IT opportunities, cultural allure, and biophilic design, Trivandrum beckons you to become a part of its vibrant tapestry. Secure your spot in this evolving urban landscape and embark on a journey where nature and innovation converge seamlessly.


Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes Veegaland Green Capitol isn’t just a residential project; it’s a masterpiece that harmonizes modernity, sustainability, and nature’s embrace. Every feature, from Porotherm bricks to air-conditioned indoor games halls, paints a picture of a life well-lived. The project embodies the future while staying rooted in the values of convenience, comfort, and connection with the environment. Invest in Trivandrum Biophilic Urban Homes Veegaland Green Capitol, and invest in a life that resonates with innovation, luxury, and the soothing energy of nature.


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