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How effective waste management can be made possible in apartments in Kochi

admin | May 31, 2023
How effective waste management can be made possible in apartments in Kochi<

How effective waste management can be made possible in apartments in Kochi

With the population of our metropolitan cities growing on a daily basis, the amount of waste generated keeps on increasing and could turn into a nightmare if it isn’t properly managed.

Poor segregation and irresponsible disposal of waste not only cause serious health hazards for city dwellers; but also for the environment. Proper and effective management of waste reduces the chance of soil and groundwater contamination helping to create an environmentally conscious community.

In this background, Veegaland Homes one of the most environmentally conscious builders in Kerala has prepared this blog to explain How effective waste management in apartments in Kochi:


  • Proper Waste Disposal

Making sure that the residents dispose of their wastes in a responsible manner and not just dump them carelessly can help create and maintain healthy living premises or common areas.

Introducing a policy that clearly states that residents cannot dispose of their trash within the apartment premises and mentioning the penalties for violation of the rules would be a good idea for encouraging proper waste disposal.

Increasing the number of trash cans or garbage bins, implementing regular garbage pick-up service, installing trash chutes, adopting a recycling program, etc would be other means to achieve proper disposal of waste in apartments. This is one of the waste management in apartments in Kochi:



  • Proper Waste Segregation

Waste segregation simply means the separation of wastes (mainly) into three categories so that each type can be treated according to its attributes.

The three main categories of waste are Wet, Dry, and E-waste. After segregation, dry waste can be recycled, wet waste can be composed and E (Electronic) waste can be collected by various NGOs periodically.

Proper segregation of waste in apartments can be simply achieved by having separate containers or bins for each type of waste and encouraging the residents to dispose of waste in a responsible manner.


  • The 3 R method

The 3 R represents Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

With the continuous increase in the volume of electronic and plastic waste generated in a city like Kochi, the 3R method is an efficient strategy to reduce the amount of waste produced.

The amount of waste produced can be Reduced by consuming less or choosing to use materials or resources with utmost care.

Reusing means the repeated use of resources or materials to their maximum or donating them to others who can make use of them.

Recycling is the process of using waste as a resource. It can be accomplished by handing over the waste to the concerned organizations or agencies for recycling.


  • Adopt composting

Composting is an effective and eco-friendly method to manage your apartment’s kitchen waste (organic waste). The food or vegetable leftovers could have certain inedible parts that can be rich in nutrients – they can be used in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture.

Compost has the capability to destroy pathogens or unwanted seeds. It can be used to improve soil quality, which over time (six weeks or more) can be used for your plants in the garden or indoor plants.  Composting can be practiced outdoors (balcony, terrace, roof) or within the indoor spaces of your apartments that has good air circulation.

Composting can also be performed by all the residents together as a community in the various open areas of the apartment premises.


  • Forming a waste management committee

Forming a waste management committee for the apartment can help to responsibly manage the waste generated in the whole apartment. The managing committee members can be entrusted with the responsibility of creating awareness among the residents, members, and staff of the apartment with regard to proper waste management, segregation of waste, etc.

Displaying posters in the common areas, installing a fully automatic composting machine, allotting a separate area to discard and manage plastic and e-waste, etc are some of the long-term activities or solutions the management committee can put in order for effective waste management in apartments.  These are the main effectivewaste management in apartments in Kochi:

Veegaland Homes, one of the most environmentally conscious builders in Kerala manages our flats and apartments in accordance with the rules and regulations of waste management in apartments in Kochi set down by the authorities.

Designed and developed in an eco-friendly manner, Veegaland Homes  apartments in Kochi, Flats in Thrissur  and Flats in Kozhikode ensure ethical and sustainable management of waste intending to make our planet a better place to live in.

To learn more about our eco-friendly flats and apartments in Kerala and their specialties, visit:


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