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6 Different ways to increase natural lighting in your apartment?

admin | April 18, 2022
6 Different ways to increase natural lighting in your apartment?<

No artificial light setup can bring the tranquillity of natural light that comes into your living space on a cold morning. Natural light is capable of lifting your spirits, bringing in positivity and improving your overall health, and more importantly; saving energy.

A living space with the appropriate ventilation system would only require very minimal artificial lighting, which also brings down the usage of lights for a longer duration. However, every flat or apartment does not necessarily enjoy this ‘natural privilege’ for multiple reasons.

So let’s have a look at the 6 different ways to increase the natural lighting in your apartment under such circumstances:


1. Keep your windows open, clean and clutter-free

The most elemental thing apartment residents could do to let more light into their apartments is to keep the windows open, clean, and clutter-free. This is one of the important apartment lighting ideas that we need to apply in our day-to-day life.

It doesn’t matter if you have only one window or more. Keeping them open, clutter-free, and clean, despite their quantity can easily maximize the natural light in your interiors. However, make sure that every room is structured in such a way that it allows light to enter as deep as possible and the windows are cleaned frequently.

Re-positioning the obstructions (if there are any), to the darker or vacant sides of your space also ensures maximum availability of natural light.


2. Choose light-colored curtains and treatments

Curtains in dark colors and made of thick materials, which even make it difficult to understand if it was day or night are a thing of the past now. Styles and preferences for curtain designs and colors have altered immensely over the years and it’s all about looking simple and light right now.

It is very obvious that dark colors and hard materials block the sunlight from entering apartments and thus bring an overall dull look. Whereas choosing light-colored curtains and treatments helps in bringing in more light in a controlled manner. You can also consider installing blinds that are very flexible to use according to your needs.


 3. Use and place mirrors strategically

Mirrors with their reflective quality can enhance the available natural light within your interiors and make them look bigger than they actually are. However, their placement; which needs to be strategically planned with regard to the sun’s changing positions can give you amazing results.

Thinking beyond the mirrors, you can also consider having glossy objects like sparkling furniture, silver photo frames, metallic finish on the ceiling, etc.

Applying this apartment lighting idea, we can change the whole look of the room also it will help us to save electricity.


4. Clear furniture and other barriers from the windows

As already mentioned; it’s not the number of windows in your apartment that impacts the availability of natural light in your apartment, but the way your windows are managed and taken care of.

One of the most common reasons for the natural light’s access to be blocked to your apartment would be the wrong placement of furniture and other objects against the window. Therefore, inspect your windows and the surrounding areas for such hindrances and re-organize them for letting in more air to the interiors.

Rearranging and angling the furniture and other objects in such a way that they reflect light within the room is also another way to light up the room.


5. Avoid choosing dark colors for the walls

As light colors are studied to reflect light and dark colors noted to absorb them, just like with curtains or window treatments, avoid choosing dark colors for the walls and ceiling of your apartment.

Painting your walls and ceiling with light colors therefore will allow more natural light to spread around the interiors. Having other accessories like rugs or carpets in light color shades will not only enhance the beauty of the space but also contribute to brightening it up.


6. Go for sleek and space-saving furniture/upholstery

We are already aware that reorganizing the furniture and other objects from near the windows could significantly make difference in lighting up the interiors. Choosing space-saving furniture for your apartment also comes under apartment lighting ideas. However, it might get tricky, especially if you have space constraints in your apartment and under such circumstances, the decision to own or invest in compact and sleek furniture pays off well

Apart from the compactness, their flexibility can also make your apartment life more convenient and clutter-free.


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