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admin | July 16, 2021

Exercise is inevitable for a healthy lifestyle. And being indoors or living in an apartment is not an excuse to stop training. There are numerous ways to stay fit while being within the comforts of your apartment.

Warming up your body with some form of exercise an hour every day will help one achieve their desired level of fitness and health quotient. And with the convenience of amenities and facilities provided by modern apartments, it’s much effortless to be fit and stay healthy. Let’s, therefore, have a look at some of the Simple Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy While Living in an Apartment:

1. The apartment gym

A modern gym with the latest types of equipment is any fitness freak’s dream and if you have one within the premises of your apartment, you won’t need to spend the extra money and effort to join other gym or fitness centers outside.

The proximity factor also gives you the freedom to work out whenever you wish and it also allows you to keep your schedules flexible. Although having convenient access makes things easier, remember that it’s always ideal to keep your workout sessions preferably under 45-60 minutes.

 2. Swimming 

Most of the new-age apartments have stunning swimming pools as an attractive amenity and it’s one of the best exercises to stay fit. Being an all-around activity, swimming keeps your heart rate up, builds endurance, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Considered more effective than weight training and running, swimming is a lot more fun than any exercise, and the chances of getting injured are less and above all, it’s essentially a life skill worth knowing.

3. Walking/Jogging

Walking is the best and simplest form of cardiovascular exercise. Any living space will have ample space amount of space for walking and according to your fitness and health goals, you can decide to walk, jog, or even run.

While walking has a lot of benefits including helping you in keeping a healthy weight, running can burn more calories and help you lose weight faster. Both being an aerobic cardiovascular exercise, they also help in increasing stamina, boosting the immune system, and strengthening one’s heart.

4. Yoga

The popular mind and body practice with a 5,000-year-old history in ancient Indian philosophy, Yoga combines various styles of physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation.
Known to improve strength, balance, and flexibility, Yoga also benefits heart health and improves the control of the mind and body and thereby enhance well-being.

Most of the new-age apartments have facilities, groups, or dedicated spaces to practice yoga and it is a much-needed relief in this fast-paced life.

5. Recreational center

Along with exercise, various recreational activities are also known to promote overall physical activity and fitness. A common amenity in any apartment or housing area, these facilities help people to engage more frequently in leisure-time sports, including different indoor games.

People who aren’t happy due to lack of space or area within their own homes can also make use of the recreational area to engage in whatever exercise or sport they love. Recreation spaces also help people with illnesses, disabilities, and other difficulties to develop and use their leisure and improve confidence.

6. Organic Garden

Like the famous saying “You are what you eat.”,  eating healthy food is as important as exercising regularly and it’s the combination of both that is important in maintaining physical and mental health and fitness.

With our state being too much dependent on the vegetable supply from the nearby state, setting up a home garden or a small kitchen farm is a great idea for a healthy future. Although it might sound challenging, you don’t need a lot of space to grow your own vegetables and the process can be a lot more fun than you think.

7. Youtube your workout

With YouTube being the new “google”, you can follow the trend and learn by actually seeing it. There are numerous exercise and workout videos on YouTube and with the access to them being free, you can just search through a few and find one that motivates you.

As you would be self-learning here, always remember to take it slow and follow the instructions carefully. Learning a particular exercise or workout well before doing it yourself can save you from any possible injuries. And remember patience and perseverance is the key here.

8. Buy some equipment

If you are too serious about your workout and are looking forward to taking things to the next level, consider buying some equipment and making a mini gym within your own home at a small corner.

It can be anything according to your interest and choice from small dumbbells and weights to treadmills and other sophisticated workout machines. Again as you would be self-learning here, always remember to take it slow and follow the instructions carefully. Consider making a workout playlist to bring more energy and fun into your me-time.

9.  Use stairs

With the last couple of workouts mentioned requiring some amount of investment and extra efforts, how about making things a bit practical now? One of the perks (from a health perspective) of living in tall apartments is the long stairs that you’ve to climb up and down, in case your lift isn’t working.

With the need of the hour to get in shape, why not take advantage of these stairs and go up and down a few flights for a couple of reps. Belonging to the category of walking and jogging, this is a form of cardiovascular exercise and can strengthen your heart as well your leg muscles. You just need to be extra cautious and avoid falling and injuring yourself while you are engaged in doing this.

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