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admin | March 27, 2020

The pandemic coronavirus is spreading across nations. Governments are doing all they can to stop this outbreak. India now has announced for a 21-day shutdown to control people going out their houses, which is in order to stop the virus from reaching more numbers.

On a global scale, most of the corporate and non-corporate companies are running on thin ice now. Even in this current situation they have allowed their employees to work from their respective homes. Some might argue that this is not the right time to discuss early sign in and late sign-outs, but the working scale must go smoothly at such certain periods. This is why the Work From Home (WFH) method is welcomed. WFH is even implemented for some governmental organizations as well.

There are instances from history which suggest that such global dilemma has influenced great people to come up with new ideas. So we can make the most out of this hardship of time into something fruitful. In an Indian context, one who currently works from their houses need to stay online and do their duties for the next 21 days. This period can be productive and also causes some amount of adversities too. We can look into some factors that influence you and your loved ones, while you work from your house.

Points to consider while WFH:

  •  Maintain communication between you and your employer. Communication is the key to everything. While at your office, you will be having frequent meetings with your boss and other employees. But while at home, working, you need to make sure you have the right tools to maintain this communication flowing. It is for the best that you find a perfect spot to set up your workstation. You can engage in video-communications and calls without even affecting others
  • One shall be well-aware of their timings and the place from which they are working. You can’t hop around in your pajamas all the time through your house, during work hours. Dress comfortably and be available just like your office hours. The place where you work from, your workstation should be an actual representation of your office cubicle or desk.
  • Make sure your mental health is stable. Yes, this is of maximum importance. Social isolation can be a tricky one. Yes, you are virtually connected and all, but not seeing others for a good amount of time, will change the mental health of yours. This affects your work too
  • If you feel isolated in your home, take a break from work and indulge in some family matters. This seriously helps to take your mind off. You can read to your kids, play the board games and can cook for the family at times. Also, make aware of your family members about the WFH situation and you are working according to the office hours.
  • Keep up the positive spirits. Don’t panic, it will ruin your day to day work activities. One thing to arrive at a conclusion is that of going with a positive mentality. Just like you positively go to your work every day, you need to wake up each morning with a positive mind. This certainly helps your while WFH.
  • Adapt to technological advancements and use dedicated applications for speedy and impressive work. These applications you may not come across on your day-to-day office works, but there are few out there you can grab. It helps you transfer finished projects and other important matters. You need to make sure you got a faster internet connection. Have the best of it.
  • Avoid social media distractions, at least while you are working. While at home we all tend to swipe throughout smartphones and whatnot, to get a picture of the whole social media situation. Refrain from doing that while you work at home.
  • You are allowed to take breaks. Cut the time taken during such breaks and instead, you can go with an increased number of breaks but for a minimal amount of time. You can even take a power nap, for about 15-20 maximum. Don’t just lie on your couch forever in the name of napping.
  • Organize your calendar and be right ahead of others. 21-day curfew can make things disorganized, but your mobile can be your own personal assistant and reminds you of meetings and deadlines. You can plan and schedule everything on your phone. Make quick notes and attach them to your workstation.
  • Do certain at-home physical exercises. This will increase your productivity and keep your creative juice flow.

Following these guidelines and practices, one can swiftly change the way they approach working from home. This also helps to keep oneself occupied. Social distancing is the key here. Let’s bring in the change.

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